How Do I Apply?

Instructions for exchange application

When can I apply?

The application deadlines for exchange studies during the academic year 2024-2025 are:

  • 31 January 2024 for autumn semester 2024
  • 12 June 2024 for spring semester 2025

Each application round opens around 1,5 months before the deadline.

On the days of the application deadlines we are exceptionally open for guidance between 9 and 12 am and 1 and 4 pm.

We are also available by phone (040 3521 391) or e-mail outgoing.mobility(at)

I order to be eligible to apply for exchange studies at one of Hanken’s partner universities some requirements need to be met.

Requirements for students admitted directly to the Master's degree programme.

Requirements for students admitted to the integrated Bachelor's and Master's programme (in Swedish).

The application is made online* via the Mobility Online Portal.

*Hanken will use the information you have given on the online application form together with information provided on the related feedback questionnaire, to administer and evaluate the exchange semester. We will only use the information for these purposes. Your personal data will be stored and processed according to the Hanken Privacy Policy: By submitting the online application form, you consent to Hanken processing personal data where this is necessary, for the purposes above.

Before you begin filling in the online application, please read the instructions, prepare your attachments, check the course offering of the partner universities that you want to apply to, and select 15 partner universities you wish to study at. Please reserve enough time for completing the application as it consists of several steps. In addition to the application form the following attachments must be uploaded:

  • Certificate of Language Proficiency, if applicable
  • Certificate of Student Union activity, if applicable
  • A photo (e.g. CV photo)

Your application with all attachments should be complete and submitted in Mobility Online within the deadline. Supplements to the attachments can only be considered after the deadline if:

  • the changes have been done in the online application system Mobility Online and
  • you inform the International Coordinator about the changes per e-mail and
  • the changes are made within a week after the deadline of the application.

NB! The application closes 31 January 2024 at 23:59. At the application deadline you are thrown out from the application. That's why it's important that you have sent your application before the deadline. There will be no technical support available after 16:00 on 31 January. Should you encounter technical problems after that please notify outgoing.mobility(at) immediately (before 23:59) and attach a screen shot of the problem. Technical issues will be dealt with on 1 February, however, applications submitted later than 31 January at 23:59 will not be considered.

Instructions for the online application

The application is in English and the instructions are structured according to the structure of the application form. Please note that you need to fill in the whole application at once.

The online application is accessed through the Mobility Online Portal. Click on the green icon next to the partner university you wish to apply to as your first choice. The system will take you to the Haka-identification service. Choose "Hanken School of Economics" from the dropdown menu and click on "Select". In the next window, log in with your Hanken ID and password. You will then access the application form. Part of the information is automatically filled out from Oodi. If you cannot access the information in Mobility Online, clear your browsing history or switch to another browser.

A. Information concerning the application
  • In this section Exchange Programme, Academic Year and Semester will be filled out automatically.
B. Personal Information
  • Matriculation number, Last name, First name, E-mail address, Date of Birth, Gender and Nationality comes directly from Sisu
  • Fill in Place and Country of Birth and Age
C. Information concerning the current studies at Hanken
  • Country of Sending Institution, Sending Institution and Campus, comes directly from Sisu.
  • For Major Subject you should choose your major at Hanken from the dropdown menu.
  • Fill out your Current level of Studies by ticking the right box (Bachelor's Degree/ Master's Degree)
  • The Exam field is only relevant for students enrolled in a Bachelor programme. Please see the instructions in Swedish.
  • Under Number of higher education years at HANKEN prior to the exchange period you should write how many full academic years you have completed before the start of the planned exchange semester.
  • Reply to the questions regarding previous exchange studies/internships, activity in the Student Association and if you have been registered as absent during your studies.
D. Information concerning the stay abroad

In the application you must select 15 partner universities in priority order. Plan carefully which partner universities you select because if you are not selected to your first choice, we try to place you into your second choice etc. Hence applying to only one university does not guarantee that you will be selected to that specific university. By choosing 15 alternatives, you can influence where you will spend your exchange semester. After you have submitted your application you can not change your alternatives or the order of the alternatives. Please also note that after you have been allocated an exchange place the final decision can not be changed. 

  • To avoid misunderstandings, copy-paste the names of your selected partner universities from the list of Partner Universities
  • We advise you to be follow global political trends and consider carefully which countries you wish to go on an exchange to. Hanken is only in limited cases able to arrange new exchange places to students who have withdrawn from their allocated exchange places due to, for example, a natural disaster.
  • Note that some partner universities only admit exchange students at the undergraduate level ("Only for BSc students"). Information concerning the level of studies, possible language test requirements etc. is available in the Mobility Online Portal.
  • "Stay from" and "Stay to" refers to semester dates at your first ten selected partner universities. The semester dates are available on the partner universities' websites, often under the heading academic calendar and in semester dates attachment below. The table below only provides an estimate of the semester dates at each partner university. For the exact dates we advice you to check the partner universities' websites or fact sheets in the Mobility Online Portal. Note that the semester may start and end earlier or later than at Hanken. Exam periods are often arranged in January-March and July-August, and hence you should be prepared to stay at your host university until the last exam. Consider this when planning your exchange studies.

E. Language competence
  • Fill in information regarding your first language, if you have taken a language test, name of the test and date of writing the test. Also fill in the language of instruction at Hanken and at the partner universities.
F. Contact person in case of emergency
G. Other information - check that the information you have given is correct.


After having filled in stages A-G submit your application by pressing Send Application.
Please note that you cannot change your selection of universities after you have clicked Send Application

Log into Mobility Online

After you have submitted your application, you will receive a registration e-mail with the link to your application in Mobility Online. Click on the link in the e-mail and use your matriculation number as user id and click on "Log In" (no need to fill in a password). You will be redirected to the Haka identification service where you log in with your Hanken id (matriculation number) and password.

After logging in click Complete Personal Details to complete your personal details. When you fill in your IBAN number, the number should be typed according to this example: FI1212341234123412 and the the BIC/SWIFT according to this example: ABCDEFGHXXX.

After that complete your course selection for your first alternative by clicking on Enter the planned course choice. You need to fill in the course names and number of credits of the courses you are planning to take at the university of your first choice. Click on Create to save your course selection. If you wish to make changes after you have saved the course selection click on Edit, make the changes and click on Save

Information concerning the number of courses or credits required for full-time studies at the different universities is available in the Mobility Online Portal. Although you only make a course plan for you first alternative you should also check the courses available at your other alternatives.

Upload attachments to complete your application

Please provide documented proof of all qualification you wish to refer to.

Photo (e.g. a CV photo):
  • The picture should not be larger than 500x500 pixels.
Certificate of Language Proficiency:
  • Some partner universities require an internationally recognised language test, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS (please see the Mobility Online Portal). If you apply for an exchange semester at one of these partner universities, you must take a language test before the application deadline. Please ask the organiser of the exam to send the results directly to Hanken or attach the test result to the application e.g. as a scanned document. If you have not received the results from your test before the application deadline you should notify the International coordinator as soon as you get them. Tests written after the application deadline will not be considered.
Certificate of Student Union activity:
  • If you have been active in the student union you can gain a few extra credits from certain positions and activities. If you have been active in the student union, you should attach a Certificate of Student Union Activity which can be obtained from the Student Union Secretary General in Helsinki or the President of the Student Association in Vasa.
Instructions for attaching the attachments:
  • Appendix 1: Click Upload Certificate of English proficiency (if applicable). Attach the first appendix (File), click Create and finally Back to overview.
  • Additional appendices: Attach all additional appendices as appendix 1 but press Upload Student Association participation certificate (if applicable) and Upload CV photo.

You do not have to upload a Transcript of Records

After you have completed all steps of the application you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of your application. 

The selection process for exchange studies to Hanken’s partner universities is administered by the International coordinator. The exchange applications are presented to the Student Mobility Group, which consists of faculty personnel from all faculties, administrative personnel, and student representatives. The Student Mobility Group reviews all the applications before the Rector makes the final decision.

The results will be available in the end of March for the application round in January and in the end of August/beginning of September for the application round in June.

All applicants will be notified regarding the results by e-mail.

You have a few days to confirm your exchange place. After confirming, the International Coordinator will nominate you to the partner university. Please be prepared that at the nomination you may be asked to send different documents (e.g. a Letter of Motivation or a CV) to the international coordinator on a very short notice.