The validity of User ID

How long is the user ID and user rights in effect?

The period of validity for user ID

  • Degree students at Hanken should register as present in order to have a valid user ID. Students that have not registered as present have their user rights terminated on 30.9 (autumn semester) respectively 31.1 (spring semester) unless they have registered themselves as absent for the semesters in question.
  • Students for non-degree studies (JOO, Open University, other non-degree studies) usually have a valid user ID at Hanken as long as the right to study is in effect.
  • Employees have valid user rights during the term of employment.
  • Associated (hourly-paid employees, associate researchers, visiting researchers, grant and scholarship recipients, non-military services-doers and other associated) are granted the user rights for the time they are associated, for a maximum of one year at a time.

User rights expired

  • User IDs of graduates end on graduation day, and the ones of discontinuing students will be terminated immediately. User IDs can be inactivated and removed if a student has been absent for a longer period of time. Both activation and termination of user IDs are based on data in the study register.
  • User IDs for employees and associated will stop working on the last day of employment or association.

Notification of expiring user rights (as well as other administrative messages from Hanken) will be sent to the Hanken email that is in the user registry. The warning is sent with 4, 3, 2 week notice and during the last week the message will be sent every day.

The user rights for email and other services and systems will stop working when the user id is disabled.

If something is wrong

If you believe that you should be entitled to continue using Hanken's IT services:

  • Degree students - Check that you've registered either as present or absent for the semester -  if you have not registered either, your user rights will expire.
  • non-degree student - Check your study right - is it valid?
    If there are any uncertainties, contact the service point,
  • Employees and associates - Contact your unit and check that the time of employment and other information about your relationship with the unit is correct. ( or the unit's amanuensis)

The Computer Centre only grants IDs, or extension for IDs, on the basis of the request from the unit manager or on the basis of information from the Office of Study Affairs (data is acquired from the personnel database and student database).

Misuse of user ID

If you respond to phishing emails, that is, giving out your username and password on the basis of an email sent to you, spreading chain letters or otherwise misuse your user ID, your account will be closed. The Data Security Officer will then contact you.