Reading Disability

Students who have a reading disability may borrow text books as talking books.

Students with print disabilities

Students who are visually impaired or have a print disability (i.e. dyslexia) may use course books in the form of talking books. Hanken's library uses the services of the Celia library, and you will be registered as a user in Celia.

If the course book is not already available in talking book format at Celia, it can be borrowed as an inter library loan from another Nordic country, or it can be produced for you at Celia.  The production of a new talking book takes about three months.

Talking books are available as audio files or as CD records.

Since the course books as talking books is a service that requires forward planning and a long-term perspective you should contact the library at the start of your studies.

Contact the library for more information. Ask at the service desk or e-mail to