Hanken Business Lab offers both pre-incubation and incubation activities.


The Playground pre-incubation program

The value proposition of our pre-incubation program lies in empowering entrepreneurship, providing aspiring business leaders with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to navigate the early stages of company creation. Our program has two cohorts during the year. Offering a structured and dynamic environment for participants to learn, grow, and ultimately achieve the milestone of registering their own company.

For maximised compatibility for students interested in the program, the Playground runs alongside the academic calendar at Hanken. The spring cohort takes place from February to May, and the autumn cohort takes place from September to December.

Program Components


Workshops within the Playground Pre-Incubation Program provide a structured platform for immersive learning and skill development. Scheduled intentionally for optimal time allocation, participants engage in weekly catch-up session. Each workshop is led by specialised hosts, ensuring expertise in the discussed topics. Concrete tasks and take-home assignments are incorporated to promote active engagement, emphasising the direct correlation between effort invested and outcomes achieved, motivating participants to approach each session with dedication and enthusiasm.

Office Hours

Office hours with the program lead are geared to business development offering participants personalised guidance and insights. This one-on-one session provides an opportunity to discuss specific business challenges, seek advice on strategic development, and receive tailored consulting to enhance the overall growth and success of the company. It serves as a valuable resource for addressing individual concerns and refining business strategies within the context of the Playground Pre-Incubation Program.

"Quack Talks"

Our entrepreneur 1-on-1 sessions designed for brave individuals like you embarking on the unique journey of starting a company. Throughout the 16-week pre-incubation period, we encourage you to make a splash by connecting with your fellow cohort members. These sessions are tailored to foster collaboration, troubleshoot challenges, and exchange insights within our incubation pond. Dive into problem-solving with a peer, share challenges, and brainstorm solutions collaboratively. Explore each other's expertise and discuss your entrepreneurial journey – it's a fantastic opportunity to learn, share, and grow together.


Our tailored mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs like you on the path to building something extraordinary. Throughout the 16-week pre-incubation period, we invite you to seize the opportunity to connect with your individual mentor who can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. Crafted to facilitate meaningful conversations, address challenges, and gain insights from seasoned mentors within our incubation community. Engage in open dialogues, seek advice, and leverage the wealth of knowledge offered by our mentor network.


Hanken Business Lab’s incubation activities make the ground of the Business Lab’s operations since 2016. The aim of the incubation activities is to support new companies and organisations that have been founded. The incubation activities for the new members are started with an onboarding that includes a walk-through of our operational principles and practicalities.

The new member’s challenges and development needs are mapped out, and their needs and wishes are met with the help of experts among staff, mentors, coaches, and investors that have ties to the operations. The new members are offered visibility at the Lab, our website, social media, and events. They gain access to work spaces and meeting rooms on our premises, and more than that, they gain access to personal follow-up and support from our team, as well as tailored offers from partners as needed. The new members are introduced to the rest of the community through joint events.

Our community consists today of more than 50 active companies and organisations with operations in Helsinki and Vaasa.