Assurance of Learning (AoL)

The AoL-process is a data driven continuous improvement process that aims to improve students’ learning.

Hanken Quality Loop 2021

The Academic Council, responsibility for coordinating Hanken's quality work regarding education and research and for the process of quality assurance of learning (Assurance of Learning process), has approved an Assurance of Learning policy for Hanken 

The process is focused on what the students learn rather than on what is taught.

     - What will the students learn within our programmes? What are our expectations? 
     - How will the students learn what they are expected to learn?
     - How do we know if they have learned that or not?
     - What do we do in case the students have not learned what is expected of them?

In other words, AoL is about development and it is a continuous process that never is entirely ready. Everything from competency goals to students’ learning is developed in accordance with the general development in society and the requirements that are placed on graduates.

The AoL-process applies to the Bachelor’s Programme, Master’s Programme, Hanken Executive MBA Programme and the Hanken PhD Programme.

The process is based on Hanken’s mission and the competency goals and learning outcomes that we have specified for each programme so that we can see how well our students achieve the competency goals. AoL-rubrics are used to measure the learning outcomes in all theses and in some courses. The collected data is then analysed so that it can be used when developing students’ learning.

To sum up, the building blocks of the AoL-process are the following:

  1. The Hanken mission
  2. The competency goals for each programme
  3. AoL-rubrics
  4. Data collection
  5. Identifying development needs within the programmes
  6. Developing processes to support students’ learning (curriculum planning)
  7. Assessment of the development and changes

The first AoL-measurements were conducted in spring term 2012 and the measurements will be ongoing.


Committee for AoL and Quality

The Assurance of Learning process is managed by the Committee for AoL and Quality (sve. Kommittén för AoL och kvalitet), previously called the AoL Committee.

The Committee is chaired by Professor Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen and consist of faculty, staff and students.

The term of office is 1.1.2021-31.12.2025.


Contact information

In case you have any AoL related questions please contact aol(at)

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