Change of Supervisor

Information about how to change Degree Supervisor or Thesis Supervisor

Change of Degree Supervisor or Thesis Supervisor

The procedure below is to be followed when a doctoral researcher or supervisor wishes to terminate a supervision agreement.

The party wishing to terminate the agreement submits a freely formulated application to the Head of Department or the Deputy Head of Department when the Head of Department is directly concerned.

The application should contain the following:

  • contact details for the applicant
  • information on who the other party is
  • the roles of both parties (doctoral researcher/degree supervisor/thesis supervisor)
  • a motivation for the application
  • possibly a suggestion for a new supervisor

The Head of Department (or Deputy Head of Department) presents the matter before the Department Council. The Department Council takes the final decision on the matter and appoints a new supervisor. Both parties (the doctoral researcher and the suggested new supervisor) are to be heard before a new supervisor is appointed.

The PhD coordinator is informed of the decision made.