Hanken Teaching Lab

The Teaching lab page is a guide to find your way in Hanken as a teacher

This is a starting page for you as a Hanken teacher. We hope it will help you to find what you need, when planning and implementing your course, both as a new and as an experienced teacher at Hanken. Down below you will find a palette with links to different pages on Hanken's web by subject area.

The Teaching Lab regularly organizes workshops on Moodle, Teams, Wooclap, Exam etc. We also coordinate and offer pedagogical training for Hanken's teachers and doctoral students.

Do you need help with digitalising your teaching, planning your courses, using Moodle efficiently, manage students in Sisu, or creating e-exams with Exam etc? Contact us!

Book a time for a Teams call from the booking link, by emailing us teachinglab(at)hanken.fi or by contacting us personally by email or via Teams. In the list below you can see which types of questions we can best help you with but you are always welcome to contact anyone of us with all your questions.    

  • Maria Sandberg: pedagogical training, MOOC:s, FutureLearn, Learning Design, AOL, Spark course feedback
  • Kaie Veile: Moodle, Exam, Turnitin, Ouriginal 
  • Kicka Lindroos: Exam, Moodle, Sisu, FutureLearn

We will also answer your questions via teachinglab(at)hanken.fi