Hanken Teaching Lab

The Teaching lab page is a guide to find your way in Hanken as a teacher

This is a starting page for you as a Hanken teacher. We hope it will help you to find what you need, when planning and implementing your course, both as a new and as an experienced teacher at Hanken. Down below you will find a palette with links to different pages on Hanken's web by subject area.

The Teaching Lab regularly organizes workshops on Moodle, Teams, Wooclap, Exam etc. We also coordinate and offer pedagogical training for Hanken's teachers and doctoral students.

Do you need help with digitalising your teaching, planning your courses, using Moodle efficiently, manage students in Sisu, or creating e-exams with Exam etc? Contact us!

Book a time for a Teams call from the booking link, by emailing us teachinglab(at)hanken.fi or by contacting us personally by email or via Teams. In the list below you can see which types of questions we can best help you with but you are always welcome to contact anyone of us with all your questions.    

  • Maria Sandberg: pedagogical training, MOOC:s, FutureLearn, Learning Design, AOL.
  • Carl Hobbs: user support for digital tools, AI, Spark course feedback
  • Kaie Veile: Moodle, Exam, Turnitin, Ouriginal 
  • Kicka Lindroos: Exam, Moodle, Sisu, FutureLearn

We will also answer your questions via teachinglab(at)hanken.fi

These are tools you have access to as a teacher at Hanken. Each tool has its own instruction page that you can visit to learn more. If you encounter problems: refer to the instruction page. In case it does not solve it: contact help@hanken.fi In alphabetical order:


FeedbackFruits is a tool for Group member evaluation and Peer review. It is used within Moodle and is a way to collect assignments and student feedback neatly into a single exercise.

FeedbackFruits instruction page


Flinga is a virtual whiteboard which is good for collecting ideas  from participants and voting on them. Flinga enables the teacher to interact with the students and gather their ideas and thoughts anonymously and with minimal effort.

Flinga get started


Hanken uses Moodle as online learning environment. Nearly every course uses it for sharing materials, videos and links, but also for handing in assignments or for working interactively online.

Moodle introduction Opens in new window
Moodle for teachers Opens in new window
Moodle teacher checklist before a course starts Opens in new window
Exams/Quizzes in Moodle Opens in new window

Microsoft Office

All students and staff have access to download the Microsoft Office applications locally to their own computer via Office 365 Opens in new window .

Office 365 FAQ Opens in new window

Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is a digital, interactive whiteboard app. It allows teachers to create, share, and edit content in real-time. Students can follow along and also make comments/changes if allowed.

Microsoft Whiteboard Get Started Opens in new window

Plagiarism detection

Hanken provides three different plagiarism software for the teacher - the students usually use the check by submitting their writings via Moodle, but also direct submitting is used in some cases.

Plagiarism detection software Opens in new window
Turnitin at Hanken Opens in new window
Ouriginal at Hanken Opens in new window


IBM SPSS Statistics is a software for statistical analysis used in teaching and research at Hanken.

Students and staff at Hanken can get a license for SPSS for their own computer.

If a staff member needs SPSS on a Hanken computer, please contact help@hanken.fi.

Software Licenses for your own personal computer Opens in new window


Webropol is a software for creating online questionnaires.

Webropol instructions Opens in new window


Wooclap is an online platform that helps you keep students engaged and measures students understanding in real-time through interactive activities. The platform has 16 different types of activities. You can also integrate the tool with Powerpoint, Teams and Moodle.

Wooclap Getting Started Opens in new window