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Request an Article copy or a Book

As a student or a faculty member at Hanken School of Economics you can order journal articles and books for free via the library. For external persons we charge 6€/book and 15€/article. Start by checking that the article or book is not available in fulltext or in print format in the library nor at libraries in the Helsinki region. Make your request by filling up the order form.

Request articles via the service Get It Now

All the staff at Hanken can now easily request articles via Get It Now (GIN). The service gives you the possibility to get colored high quality articles in PDF-format. You will get the articles delivered directly to your inbox, every day, 24/7, free of charge.

How it works

If the article is available through Get It Now, when you have searched in Hanna and have clicked at the link to SFX, it looks like this:


Click at the "Go" for Get It Now, and fill in your Hanken e-mail address and accept the terms of delivery. The article will be sent directly to your e-mail. NB! As you order a copy you also accept that your e-mail address is collected in the CCCs database. If you have any questions about this service please e-mail to
The students do not have access to this service but can request the articles by filling up this order form.

Suggest a purchase

Suggest books for the library. You can make purchase proposals if you are a student or faculty member at Hanken. Send your purchase proposal to You will be notified when the book is available for pick-up at the service desk.
Old books are ordered as interlibrary loans instead of acquired.

Interlibrary Loans for Libraries

The Library sends material from its own collections to other libraries. Other libraries can order interlibrary loans from Hanken. Please, fill up the order form. E-books, reference books, course books cannot be loaned. Note that interlibrary loans are subject to fees as follows:

Outgoing interlibrary loans (VAT 0 %) Public sector Private sector
Finland and the Nordic Countries 9 € 12 €
Other countries 15 € 25 €
Outgoing interlibrary photocopies (VAT 0 %)    
Finland and the Nordic Countries 6 €/article 15€/article
Other countries 12 €/article 20 €/article

Please return your interlibrary loans to:

Hanken School of Economics Library
Interlibrary Loans
P.O. Box 479

Contact Information

Inter-library service and document delivery

Anne Granberg
+358 (0)40 3521 398

Sari Seitamaa-Svenns (Vaasa)
+358 (0)50 5723 548


Purchase proposal

Marlene Backman
+358 (0)40 3521 263

Susanne Holmlund (Vaasa)
+358 (0)50 4073 798