Find a researcher or expert

Through Hanken’s research database Haris, you can find researchers and experts knowledgeable of a wide variety of research topic related to business administration, management, and economics.

Find researchers

In the ‘Find Researchers Opens in new window ’ search of the Haris (Hanken Research Information System) database, you can enter a topic or keyword, which you need an expert to comment on (e.g., for a media interview). The database includes all researchers as well as doctoral candidates affiliated with Hanken.

Find Research Outputs

You can also use the ‘Find Research Outputs Opens in new window search to identify research publications and studies related to a certain topic and keyword – and then click the name of the author of the publication for contact information.

Find professors

We have gathered all of Hanken's professors Opens in new window and their areas of expertise. They gladly stand up for interviews in the media and comment on current societal phenomena.

Didn't find what you are looking for?

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can also send an email to – and our communications team is happy to help you to identify an expert on the particular topic you are interested in.


Note on Covid-19

You can access a readily-compiled list of experts related to Covid-19/Corona epidemic on this page