Information about exams

Exam Registration

The exam schedule can be found on the course home page in WebOodi. You must register for an exam through WebOodi no less than seven days prior to the exam date. Please cancel your registration immediately through WebOodi if you decide not to participate in an exam you are registered for.

Late registration - queue list

If you forgotten to register for an exam within the time limit you can be placed on a queue list.

You can put your name on the queue list until the day before the exam until 1pm.Students on the list are allowed to take the exam in the place of no-shows. It cannot be guaranteed that students who register for exams too late, can take part in the examination. The only way to be sure of the right to take an exam is to register for the exam in time.

Exams at the other location

You have a study right either in Helsinki or Vaasa and should participate in exams at your own locations, but you can take re-exams at the other locations if there is space for extra students in the exam rooms. Register for the exam as usual in Weboodi at your own location, but write in the field for additional information that you wish to take exam at the other location. Please notice that you cannot register for an exam at the other campus through the queue list!

Exam Regulations

Exam room
In Helsinki, the exams are always held in the main building of Hanken, and the exact location announced at least 2 hours before the exam starts at the information screens which are located near the front doors.Exam hours
Exams start at 9:00 a.m. unless students are informed otherwise. Examinees with a legitimate reason for being late will be permitted to enter the exam room up to 15 minutes after the exam started. Examinees affected by a confirmed force majeur will be allowed entrance up to one hour after the exam has started. No students are allowed to leave the exam until one hour after it has started. This includes students wishing to cancel their exam. An examinee who wishes to cancel his/her exam can at the earliest dismiss from the exam room 60 minutes after the exam started. Even if you take more than one exam at the same time, you will not be given more time.Prolongation of the exam
If you need more time to write an exam due to e.g. dyslexia, illness or disability you can hand in a written application for prolonging the writing time to the Office of Study Affairs in Helsinki (Veronica Hasselström, 040-3521458, veronica.hasselstrom(at)hanken.fi) or to the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa (Britt-Mari Siironen, 040-3521736, britt-mari.siironen(at)hanken.fi). You must hand in the application at least one week prior to the exam date.You should attach a specialized doctor's certificate stating that you need more time when writing an exam. You can be granted a maximum of one hour's prolongation of an exam. If you write more than one exam at the same day, you will only have one extra hour in total.Identification
A student participating in the exam must be able to prove his/her identity. The student card or other official ID must be shown on demand at the exam.

Assesories and tools
I Helsinki, coats, bags, mobile phones and smart watches have to be left in the cloakroom during the exam. Only writing tools, calculator and possible other equipment specified on the exam paper are allowed into the auditorium. Only Hanken's exam paper can be used during the exam. The examinee's name, student number, campus and the study period in which the course being examined was taken must be written on every sheet of paper. Examinees can take the exam questions out of the exam room unless stated to the contrary.


During the exam talking, sharing materials and using aids other than those mentioned on the exam paper are forbidden. More exam paper can be received by the supervisor by raising your hand. Toilet visits are allowed two hours after the exam started and only take place supervised by one of the supervisors. Mobile phones and smart watches are left in the cloak room (Helsinki) or at home. In Vaasa there is a table for mobile phones in the classroom. If a phone or smart watch is found after the exam has started the examinee will be reported as suspected of cheating. The supervisor has the right to terminate the exam for anyone who breaks the rules.If a student is caught cheating in an exam or is intentionally creating a disturbance during the exam, the supervisor is obligated to immediately end that student's exam. If cheating has occurred or is suspected, the supervisor must hand in a complete report stating the course of events. If cheating is discovered or is proved later, the student will be failed by the examiner.If cheating occurs Hanken's Action Plan against Academic Dishonesty must be followed.

Exam results

Exam results are public, but are announced only with students' student identification numbers. The results of an examination must be published at least two weeks after the examination date, discounting public holidays, and at least two weeks before the next examination date. A Head of Department may decide that the time will be extended if justified, and notice of this must then be posted immediately on the notice board and on the course website.A received qualitative grade can be improved once. The higher grade is always valid.