Application Documents

The application is made electronically. Enclosures can be attached to the application form. The documents mentioned in number 6 shall be sent by regular mail.

The electronic application form and all documents 1-8 mentioned below are mandatory for all applicants to the Hanken PhD Programme. You can attach the documents when you fill the application form. The documents mentioned in number 6 shall be sent by regular mail. Contact details below.

The paper copies of the educational documents are to be delivered to the address below as soon as possible, but no later than 1 month after the admission decision. The exact deadline will be notified to you if you are granted admission. 

You can also bring the documents yourself to Hankens reception (opening hours Mon-Fri 8-16) as long as the documents fulfil the country-specific requirements.


The application form is available here during the application rounds.

1. Copy of your passport

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Statement of Purpose

All applicants to the Hanken PhD programme are required to answer the questions in this form. Fill in the answers to the questions in this form, save it as a pdf, and upload it to your application before submitting the application in Hanken does not accept any other motivational letters or statements of purpose.

4. Research Proposal

Every applicant should submit a Research Proposal or a short description of the intended field of research. For more information, please see Advice on Setting up a Research Proposal

5. Academic Text

  • You should be the sole author to the text (or at least it should be clear which part you have written)
  • The text should be written in English or Swedish (max 7000 words)
  • The text can be a previously written text, for example a part of your Master's thesis, or work done in connection with a course taken
  • It is important that you are satisfied with the quality of the text
  • The content of the text does not have to be connected to the major you are applying for

6. Officially Certified Copies of your Bachelor's and Master's Degree Diplomas and Transcripts of Records, and a Diploma Supplement

Non Finnish degrees

Please submit officially certified copies of your Bachelor's and Master's degree diplomas and transcripts of records, and a Diploma Supplement (or other official description of the degree and grading system for the degree in question). Please send these by regular mail to Hanken.

Please check the country specific requirements. If the country where you have conducted your degree is listed you have to follow the country specific requirements for that country. If your institution's country is not on the list, you have to follow the general instructions.

Country Specific Requirements.pdf


For any university level courses/achievements that are not included in your university level Master's and Bachelor's degrees and which you want to be considered in the evaluation of your application, you must include certified copies of transcripts of records.


Please note, we also accept the following electronic transcript verification services:

Finnish degrees

Applicants with a Bachelors or Masters degree from Finland do not need to send in officially certified copies of their degree certificate and transcript of records by post if the degrees can be verified electronically through the admission portal.

If we are unable to find information about your degree, please be prepared to send in officially certified copies of your educational documents. All applications can be supplemented until 3rd of February 2021 15:00 (GMT +2)

What does officially certified mean?

Copies of educational documents need to be officially certified (attested). Hanken does not accept regular photocopies of educational documents. The copy needs to have an official stamp and a signature by the certifying officer. Documents can be officially certified either by the awarding institution or a public notary (in Finland Maistraatti).

Please make sure that the documents follow the criteria:

  1. Copies are taken directly from your original educational documents
  2. Include every page of your educational documents
  3. Bear the original stamp of the awarding institution/notary public on each page of the document (e.g. a generic stamp stating only “Certified true copy” will not be accepted)
  4. Bear the original signature of the certifying officer

Official Translations

If your educational documents are issued in a language other than English, Finnish or Swedish, official translations of them to one of these languages is required. Officially certified copies of the original documents must also be submitted. An official translation must be one of the following:

  1. Issued by the awarding institution
  2. An officially certified copy of a translation issued by the awarding institution
  3. Translated by an official translator
  4. An officially certified copy of a translation made by an official translator

Each page of an official translation must bear the translator’s stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be exact translations of the original documents. Translations done by the applicant him- or herself are not accepted.

6.1 Provisional Documentation to Enclose if You Graduate after the Application deadline

If you graduate after the application deadline you can apply for admission by enclosing provisional documentation according to the deadline decided for the current admissions round. Please see Instructions for enclosing provisional documentation:

Instructions for Enclosing Provisional Documentation.pdf


7. GPA or GMAT / GRE

7 A. GPA (applying with EU/EEA-degree)

You can check if your GPA meets the requirements with the WES World Education Systems online grading scale conversion tool.
All applicants who belong to Group A are required to calculate their GPA (on the grading scales used in their degree) for the studies included in the degree based on which they are applying and state the calculated GPA in the application form.
The applicant also needs to submit an official certificate where the GPA in question is clearly stated if such a certificate can be issued by the degree awarding institution. The certificate can be either the degree certificate, transcript of records or a separate official certificate issued by the degree awarding institution.
If the applicant does not submit an official certificate where the GPA is clearly stated with their application, Hanken will verify that the GPA calculated by the applicant is correct. Hanken reserves the right to decide whether the applicant fulfills the GPA requirement or not.

Applicants who have not yet graduated at the time of applying, are required to calculate the GPA for the degree based on which are applying for the courses which are included in the transcript of records submitted with the application and, if possible, submit an official certificate where the GPA in question is clearly stated.
If the GPA in the degree based on which you are applying does not meet the set requirements, you need take either the GMAT or GRE test and obtain the minimum test score requirements as listed below under Group B.


7 B. GMAT or GRE Test Result (applying with non EU/EEA degree)

The official GMAT or GRE test result is to be sent directly to Hanken from the test organiser. In order for you to be able to make the request for the official test result to be sent directly to Hanken from the test organiser, the test has to be valid (not older than five years). The test has to be taken, and the request for the official result has to be made before the application deadline. Remember to fill in the date when the test has been taken or will be taken in the electronic application form. In addition, if you already have an unofficial test score report you may attach it to your application or send it per post or e-mail.

To have the test result sent directly to Hanken please indicate Hanken's code when you make the request:
GRE 8433

8. Certificate of Knowledge of Swedish or English

Please see the Language Requirements for types of certificates to submit or test results required. If you need to submit a language proficiency test result, it has to be taken no later than the application deadline. In case the organiser of the test has to be requested to send the official score report to Hanken, the request has to be made before the application deadline. You may, in addition, attach an unofficial score report to your application in case you already have one, or send it per post or e-mail. In order to be considered for admission, the certificate / score report has to be official, valid, and fulfil the language requirements (including minimum scores).

NB! The certificate for exemption from the language test requirement shall also be posted with the degree documents. 

9. Major Specific Enclosures

In addition to the above mentioned mandatory documents for all applicants, please also see possible Major Specific Requirements and include documents accordingly.


Contact details

Regular mail:

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Courier mail:

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