Info for international students

If you are moving to Finland in order to start you studies there are some formalities to handle. On these pages we have collected information on the tasks you need to complete and in which order to do so depending on your bakground.

Which tasks do I need to complete in my home country?

Citizens of a country located outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland

Citizens of a EU/EEA country of Switzerland

Citizens of another Nordic country


Which tasks do I need to complete upon arrival in Finland?

  1. Register as a foreign student and obtain a muncipality of residence at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) in Finland.
  2. Inform the Student Service in Helsinki/Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa and of your Finnish Personal Identity Code once you have obtained it so that all data transfers concering your study right for student discount in public transport, the study card, MyStudyinfo Opens in new window etc. works correctly.
  3. Check out the practical tips for international students in Finland and find your way at Hanken.