Study Module in IP Law

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Complete a selection of courses within IP Law at Hanken. You can also get admitted to the MSc level after completing the study module with good grades.

Interested in studying IP Law courses on MSc level at Hanken?

Intellectual property rights are essential assets of any business operating in our increasingly digital economy. The Intellectual Property Law (IPL) study module is a unique combination of legal and business studies and gives you a solid expertise in both areas, as well as an exceptional understanding of today’s markets and the world of intellectual property. Our courses are taught in close collaboration with industry, with IP organizations, as well as by internationally renowned visiting professors, to ensure they remain at the forefront of the developments in intellectual property matters. Teachers of the courses are leading academic and business experts from all around the world. You get a unique chance to expand your network and learn from the best.

Hanken offers 30 open seats to its popular IP Law and Commercial Law courses for those who wants to deepen their knowledge in the subject area. The courses are targeted for example at practitioners who wants to deepen their knowledge about intellectual property law and commercial law but who don’t need the academic degree. 

The principle of first come, first serve is applicable, and there are only 30 seats available within the module. The first 30 eligible students to sign up (20 through the Cooperation quota and 10 through the Open University quota) will be offered the possibility to complete a predetermined selection of courses within IP Law at Hanken, during the two following academic years. If one of the quotas is not filled when the registration ends, the empty seats can be moved to the other quota.

Eligible students must have attained at least 10 ECTS of studies within commercial law or law studies (university level) before the registration for the module has ended.

Eligible students can register to the module and its courses by filling in an electronic form and by belonging to one of the following quotas:

Quotas for the IPL Study Module
Cooperation Quota Cooperation quota, 20 seats: you need to be registered as present at a Finnish university, or a Finnish university of applied sciences, and need to be so during the completion of the studies. Certificate of enrollment and transcript of records is demanded when registering to the module and the transcript of records is needed to prove the 10 ECTS of law studies.
Open University Quota Open University quota, 10 seats: you will be registered as a Open university student. This quota is open for ANYONE who has ever attained at least 10 ECTS of law studies. Transcript of records is needed to prove the 10 ECTS of law studies.The whole module, for two years, is offered for a price of 500 euros (one-off payment). The payment is done mid-August at the very latest. Students that are refugees or have temporary protection in Finland can be exempted from the open university fee. 


Once you have been accepted to the module as a student, you can choose from a wide variety of Hanken's courses within IP Law and commercial law on MSc level. You can take part in up to 45 ECTS worth of the pre-defined courses per academic year at a maximum. Note that you can only sign up to the courses defined as courses belonging to the study module (thus, you cannot, as an example, study French at Hanken by signing up to the study module, since French classes are not defined as courses within the module). There may be more courses offered than 45 ECTS per year.

The first 30 eligible students to sign up through the electronic form will gain access to the courses.

The following courses within IP Law and Commercial Law were offered within the module during the academic years 2024-2025 (please note changes in courses are possible)

•    37047 Introduction to IP (‘IPR is the new black’), 2 ECTS (BSc level, mandatory for admission)
•    37014 Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law, 10 ECTS (mandatory for admission)
•    37028 International and Comparative IP Law, 5 ECTS (mandatory for admission)
•    37031 Intellectual Property Strategy for Business, 5 ECTS (alternating course offered 2024-25)
•    37049 Information Governance and Trade Sector Law, 5 ECTS
•    37034 Practical IP Law in Europe, 5 ECTS
•    37036 Literature course in Commercial Law, 10 ECTS

Please notice that courses may require examination on campus in Helsinki and that the lectures will be held on-site.

You are allowed to sign up to courses adding up to a maximum of 45 ECTS per academic year, even though the actual amount of ECTS offered might be higher. You gain the right to participate in the courses during the first two academic years after you have signed up as one of the first 30 eligible students. You are not allowed to re-take courses. 

Please note that you are required to register for the teaching in Sisu yourself, which requires a study plan in Sisu. The instructions for Sisu can be found here.

For more information about the courses visit, search for the courses by entering the course code. 

P1, P2, P3 or P4 = Period 1, 2, 3, or 4, where period 1 is during the beginning of the fall semester and period 4 in late spring semester. 

S1 and S2 = Hanken's summer semesters, teaching during the summer

The registration period for the study module IP Law on MSc level starts during the spring in April. 

You will need to upload a link to your completed studies in the My Studyinfo service or a scanned copy of your official stamped transcript of records in order to prove that you have attained the required 10 ECTS of studies within commercial law or law (university level). The registration ends when 30 eligible students have signed up to the study module or when the predetermined registration time ends.

If you wish to gain access to the study module through the "cooperation studies quota" you need to prove that you are registered as present at a university or university of applied sciences for the whole academic year: also upload a scanned copy of your stamped certificate of enrollment. 

Hanken can accept an electronic transcript of records/certificate of enrollment if the link is sent through My sevice Opens in new window for studies completed in Finland, or if your university issues official electronic transcripts. Hanken will try verify your 10 ECTS of law studies and/or enrolment as soon as possible.

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The 10 best applicants who fulfill all of the criteria (below) will be offered admission to study IP Law on MSc level at Hanken. The ranking is based on the grades attained from the study module's courses. The application period is always in the spring 

Admission criteria, all applicants need to fulfill the following and will be ranked based on the applicant's grades in the module's courses:

  •     have signed up as one of the 30 eligible students to the official study module through its Open University or Cooperation quota, and been granted the right to complete the courses through the study module*
  •     attained at least 40 ECTS of the study module's courses, including the courses defined as mandatory for admission (these courses might change during the years - Hanken will take these changes into account when the applicant applies for admission)
  •     these 40 ECTS need to be completed within two academic years (all courses need to be completed and registered on the applicant's transcript at the latest 10.6.2024),
  •     attained at least good as a GPA from the courses/40 ECTS (at least 70 out of 100 / at least 3.0 out of 5 on Hanken's scale),
  •     have completed the 40 ECTS/all courses needed for admission with tuition in English with at least the grade good, 3 out of 5, in all courses (or proven your English language skills in any of the other accepted ways Opens in new window ),
  •     attained at least a BSc degree from a recognised university, or university of applied sciences before the actual degree studies at Hanken can start (last possible graduation date is 31 July that same year),
  •     sent in the application through before the application deadline (13.3-27.3.2024 at 3 pm)

If the applicant has not been able to complete 40 ECTS within two academic years (or if the courses have not been registered on their transcript before the deadline) with a GPA of at least good, the applicant cannot sign up to another two-year period, and try to attain the missing courses, or re-take courses in order to gain higher grades. It is not possible to try to apply for admission based on courses attained during a second two-year period. Admission can only be granted based on studies attained during the applicant's first two-year period. 

*It is not possible to apply for admission without completing the required studies through the study module. As an example: one cannot sign up as an external student to the courses through the Open university portal and then complete a selection of courses on their own. This is to ensure that only a maximum of 10 eligible students will be admitted, and that these have attained the needed knowledge, defined by the academic staff at the IPL specialisation, to be able to succeed in their studies.

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