Reserve Books (Helsinki)

Reserve Books

You can reserve non-available books by logging in to Hanna.

The reservation fee is 1 euro. You will get an email message when the book is available for pick-up at the service desk.

The reserved book will be kept on the pick-up shelf for four days. You will find the book arranged on the pick-up shelf by your lastname. If you do not want the reserved book to be placed on the pick-up shelf contact the Library.

You can only reserve a book if it is not available in the library.

Remember to cancel reservations on books you no longer need, since we charge another 1 euro for reservations not picked up in time.

Reading room copies of the course books can only be reserved for the weekend. The reservation can only be made in the library.

  • Find the book in the reading room
  • Write your name on the list on the inside back cover of the book.
  • Borrow the book within one hour before closing time.
  • Return the book before 10 o'clock on Monday (or the first working day after a holiday). The overdue fee is 15 euros per item.

Note that you can only reserve the book for one weekend at a time!