Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainable globe, photo by Ben White on Unsplash
Social Responsibility and Sustainability is at the very core of Hanken School of Economics. On this page you can find out more!

Social Responsibility and Sustainability is well integrated into our organisational ethos through our mission, vision, and strategy: Hanken 2030. We promote ethics, social responsibility and sustainability throughout all of our activities.

• Hanken researchers’ multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches create new knowledge and action patterns for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

• Hanken is committed to following the national guidelines for responsible conduct of research, and the ethical principles of research in the humanities and social and behavioural sciences.

• Hanken’s educational activities and pedagogical approaches foster students’ ability to think critically and nurture them into responsible decision-makers with high social competence.

• Hanken promotes sustainability and inclusiveness in all its activities and in society.

Our Areas of Strength in Research include:

Hanken byggnaden utifrån med flaggor
Our Mission
Our mission is to create new knowledge and educate responsible professionals for the global economy and changing society through integrating ethics, responsibility, and sustainability in all its activities. All activities are characterised by the Nordic values of equality, openness and integrity, and a commitment to high quality and continuous improvement.
BBC film 'Aiming Higher' on social responsibility at Hanken
Hanken School of Economics has been selected as one of the 21 universities globally, and the only Nordic university, to participate in the Aiming Higher series, made by BBC StoryWorks.
Clip from BBC Aiming Higher film about Hanken