Hanken’s research impact

Hanken's research performance ranks highly based on different key facts and credentials, such as scientific impact, citation rate and internationality.

Highest scientific impact of Finnish universities

Hanken is ranked as the university with the highest research impact of all Finnish universities, in “State of Scientific Research” report of the Academy of Finland. The ‘top 10 index’ score of Hanken is 2.2, whereas the next highest top 10 index score for a Finnish university was 1.4 for Aalto University. The ‘top 10 index’ refers to the share of the university’s publications that belong to the most highly cited 10% of publications in the university’s fields of research. (The world’s average score is 1.0).

No1 of Nordic universities, No65 of universities globally, in research citation rate

Hanken is ranked, in U-Multirank, on position 65 of all universities in the world (i.e. not only among business schools) in terms of research citation rate. Of 35 universities in Nordic countries, Hanken rankes No 1. The U-Multirank ranking assesses over 1,300 universities globally, for research and educational impact. The research citation rate refers to the average number of times the university's research publications are cited academically; adjusted (normalised) at the global level to take into account differences in publication years and to allow for differences in citation customs across academic fields.

Top 5 of business schools in Nordic countries in volume of research in top scientific business journals

Hanken is in top 5 of 90 business schools in Scandinavian/Nordic countries regarding the volume of research articles published in top international business research journals, in an analysis of research articles published in top classes 3/4/4* of the journal list of Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS). 

10 Hanken researchers in the top 2% of research citations in the world

A recent academic study from Stanford noted that 10 Hanken researchers are in the top 2% of researcher citations in the world. That is about 8% of all faculty. You can read more about this from these articles from 2019 and 2020Hanken professor Christian Grönroos was ranked number two among marketing researchers in the same study.

Hosting a Nobel Prize laureate

Bengt Holmström

Since 2019, Hanken hosts the receiver of Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences from 2016, Dr. Bengt Holmström as Hanken Foundation Distinguished Fellow. Dr. Holmström is a Professor Emeritus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT.



Several strong research areas assessed at "highest international standard" by an international panel of experts

In a research assessment exercise, Evaluation of Research 2018, an international panel of experts identified four research areas at Hanken as such, “where research of the highest international standard is conducted”. These four research areas were later specified as Areas of Strength (AoS) for Hanken, for 2019-2023. Additionally, three Areas of High Potential (AoHPs) (“which have the potential to develop towards the highest level of international research”) were identified.

Several research publications ranked with high social impact

According to Hanken’s strategic mission, as well as principles and policies of research, Hanken strives for research that not only creates scientific impact but also has relevance for the corporate world– including public sector organisations and the general public in broad.

In a recent ranking of 100 scientific publications of ‘social impact’ by Financial Times, Hanken was the only European university business school, along with EMLyon and University of Bath, to have up to three publications on the list of 100 research articles of ‘social impact’.

Several large research projects funded by European and Finnish competitive research funding bodies

In recent years, Hanken has been involved both as consortium partner/participant and as consortium lead/coordinator in numerous research projects funded by pan-European competitive research funding bodies (e.g., Horizon 2020 funded HERoS project led by Hanken) as well as Finnish competitive research funding bodies (e.g., Academy of Finland; Business Finland).

Most international senior faculty of Finnish universities

Hanken has the highest share of international faculty of senior faculty members (professors, associate professors), of all Finnish universities. Approximately 23% of Hanken’s senior faculty are international (FTEs in 2018), while the average of Finnish universities is below 10%.

Most internationally co-authored research publications of Finnish universities

Hanken has the highest share of ‘internationally co-authored publications’, of all Finnish universities: 56 % of publications have at least one co-author affiliated with an institution outside Finland (in 2018). The ‘internationally co-authored publications’ refer to publications that have at least one co-author affiliated with a university or institution outside Finland. Regarding ‘international publications’ (publications in international journals and publication channels), Hanken ranks number two in Finland, with 82% of all publications published in international outlets (in 2018).

Research-focused tenure track career system

Hanken has a research-focused tenure-track system as the primary career system for faculty since 2017. Obtaining a tenured associate professorship or full professorship at Hanken requires a track record of publications in top international scientific journals as well as experience of applying and managing externally funded research projects.

Three Hanken researchers were in the top five of Finnish professors ranked for productivity and impact in this Finnish academic study from 2019.  

Awardee of the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ emblem of HRS4R

Hanken has been awarded with the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ emblem since 2015, by the European Commission’s initiative for Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R). The ‘HR Excellence in Research’ emblem recognizes institutions and organisations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and favourable working environment for researchers.

Research-based education

Hanken’s study programs and courses at all levels (BSc, MSc, DSc/PhD, eMBA) are based on academic research. This means, for instance, that teachers are encouraged to use examples of their own and other researchers’ research in education.