Waste management and measuring, reverse logistics, environmentally sustainable procurement and transport, and circular economy. (WREC)

The WREC Project seeks to reduce the adverse environmental consequences of humanitarian logistics through awareness, practical guidance, and real-time environmental expertise. The project is coordinated by the Global Logistics Cluster and supported by a coalition of humanitarian organizations.

Date: February 2022 - July 2022 

Aim of the Project: Through the partnership WREC will work together to increase the knowledge and understanding of the potential within humanitarian logistics to contribute to a reduction of the negative environmental impacts of humanitarian action. The contribution of the HUMLOG Institute members included:

  • Conducting a literature review of environmental action within academic and practictioner research. 
  • Collecting empirical data through stakeholder interviews across humanitarian and private organizations. 

Funded By: WFP

Project Team members at the HUMLOG Institute: Gyöngyi Kovács, Virva Tuomala, Anna Aminoff

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Key Partners: Logistics Cluster, Danish Refugee Council, IFRC, Save the Children, World Food Program

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