Resilient Multimodel Freight Transport Network (ReMuNet)

As trailblazer for the Physical Internet, ReMuNet pursues the vision to enable and incentivize synchro-modal relay-transport on European rail, road, and inland waterways to increase the holistic network resilience. It significantly reduces emissions and boosts freight transport corridor efficiency in case of disruptive events.

ReMuNet Logo

Date: 1.7.2023- 30.6.2026

Objective: ReMuNet identifies and signals disruptive events and assesses their impact on multimodal transport corridors. It reacts quickly and seamlessly upon disruptive events in real-time. It supports transportation management system (TMS) providers to improve route planning resilience. ReMuNet communicates alternative, pre-defined, multimodal transport routes to logistics operators and subsequently to truck drivers, locomotive drivers and barge captains. Through this, it enables a faster and adaptive multimodal network response. ReMuNet orchestrates route utilization, suggests transshipment points and optimizes capacity allocation, minimizing damage and shortening the recovery time.

Funded by: EU Horizon Europe, under the call: HORIZON-CL5-2022-D6-02-07 New concepts and approaches for resilient and green freight transport and logistics networks against disruptive events (including pandemics)

Partners: FIR at RWTH Aachen (Coordinator), Fraunhofer Austria, White Research, Mansio, European Technology Platform ALICE, International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Hafen Wien, Danish Red Cross, Schachinger, Vedia, 4PL-Intermodal, PTV Group, Contargo

Project team at Hanken: Anna Aminoff (Principal Investigator), Gyöngyi Kovács, Sarah Schiffling, Ketki Kulkarni

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