Transferring Credits from Studies Abroad

On this page you will find information about transferring credits that are completed abroad.

If courses completed abroad at foreign universities or polytechnics are transferred to your transcript of records at Hanken, they will be visible with the grades Pass or Fail, not with a grade on Hanken's 0-5 scale. The credits attained will be converted to ECTS.

The process for the transferring of credits depends on whether you have completed the courses during an official exchange semester (organised by Hanken) or if you have completed them some other way.

When the documents needed for reporting Opens in new window have been handed in, the credits gained during your exchange will be transferred as follows:

1. Your host university sends a certificate of completed courses to you or to Hanken.
- If your host university sends the certificate directly to you, you should a.s.a.p. visit the international co-ordinator in Helsinki or Kristina Wallin in Vaasa to show the original certificate.
- If the certificate is sent directly to the Centre for Research and International Affairs, we will notify you as soon as your certificate has arrived and you can pick it up at the Centre. If you study in Vaasa we will send the certificate to you by mail.

2. The Centre for Research and International Affairs checks that you have completed a full workload according to the terms and conditions of the grant and that you have handed in your exchange report.

3. You apply for transfer of credits for your credits completed abroad. Hanken recommends that the exchange studies at Bsc level are transferred within the study module "Studies Abroad" (consisting of min. 25 ECTS of which 15 ECTS must be in economic sciences). However, if you wish to transfer the credits in another way, you can apply to do so.

Please, note that the credit transfer cannot be done before you have handed in the exchange report and course descriptions. It is important that you hand in all required documents in time so that the credit transfer can be done and to avoid that the Financial Aid Committee has to report neglected studies to KELA (FPA). In other words, don't "save" your credits for a later date. Please, also note that it may take a few weeks before your credits are registered in the student register. Therefore, it is important to hand in all documents well in advance before you complete your Master's degree since we cannot guarantee that documents handed in late can be considered in time for the following Graduation Ceremony.


To make sure the freemover exchange studies can be included to your Hanken degree send an e-mail to the Office of International Affairs and External Relations, outgoing.mobility(at), in which you include the name and location of the university and proof about the university’s accreditation. The university has to be approved by the Dean at Hanken. After the Dean has made his/her decision you will be informed about it by e-mail. Please make sure to contact The Office of Study Affairs well in advance since the process might take several weeks.

When you have completed your free mover-studies you need to apply for transfer of credits. Please attach the course descriptions for courses you want to apply to be transferred. Please make sure to submit your application well in advance since the process might take several weeks.

If you have completed courses abroad (example: if you have studied in another country before being admitted to Hanken) you can apply for transfer of credits. Please attach the course descriptions for courses you want to apply to be transferred. Please make sure to submit your application well in advance since the process might take several weeks. Note that you will need to present official transcripts of records, photocopies will not suffice.