Conditions for Grant Awards

Below conditions for grant award
  • Applications without attachments will not be processed. Incomplete or late applications, as well as paper applications are not considered.
  • Retroactive applications are not funded. An application is regarded as retroactive if a trip, project or funding period for full-time research specified in the application ends before the application deadline. Grants for full-time research will not be awarded for periods before the grant decision is made.
  • A condition for payment of a grant is that the applicant has not received other funding for the same purpose.
  • The grants are personal.
  • As a rule only one grant is awarded per person and application round.
  • Grants for doctoral students require that the applicant is registered as present at Hanken during the time of application and the use of the grant.
  • Grants for bachelor or master students require that the applicant is registered as present at Hanken during application and use of the grant.
  • The grantee must follow current guidelines for responsible conduct of research in all aspects of his/her studies/research (please refer to the guidelines of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK).
  • Grants for conference participation require that the applicant presents a paper at the conference.
  • For grants for language courses or Summer Schools the applicant must have completed at least 6 credits in the language in question (for Portuguese 6 credits in Spanish)
  • Grants for language courses and Summer Schools are only granted for participation in courses arranged by institutions of good repute.
  • The same person can be granted a maximum of three grants for language courses/Summer Schools.
  • Daily allowances and costs for meals are not granted from the awarded funds.
  • Funds for proof-reading, spell checking, translation etc of articles, theses, papers and questionnaires etc are not granted.
  • Funds for transcription are not granted.
  • Conferences, courses, study visits, projects and data collection in Finland are not financed through the means of the funds.
  • Funds for purchase of literature will only be granted in exceptional cases and the purchase will then be administered by the Hanken library.