Kvarken Space Center

Kvarken Space Center
The project aim is to develop a long-lasting innovation center that will develop the necessary foundation to support “new space” business activities in the Kvarken region. Hanken’s part of the project is business development around the space and satellite work.

Kvarken Space Center aims to:

  • promotes satellite technologies, data, and applications in various forms and highlights their essential role in the digital infrastructure of today
  • gives Finland a geographically well-positioned bridge to Nordic collaboration for space activities

Business opportunities in space include utilizing data measured and collected from Earth's surface by satellites. The small satellites proposed for this project can gather various types of data as they circle Earth. For instance, in the context of forestry, they can provide insights into forest stands, fire damages, and windfalls. Such information can be invaluable to forest companies and rescue services. Additionally, these satellites can capture details about the infrastructure of countries and cities, highlighting potential development opportunities. According to the plans, Kvarken Space Center will become a long-lasting innovation centre of the new space economy, helping businesses in the Kvarken region on both sides of the gulf to develop business opportunities and use available space data.

Since the conclusion of the project, the Kvarken Space Center has served as an umbrella for all space-related activities at the University of Vaasa. Read more about the centre here [External Link]. 

Peter Björk, 2022

“In the long run we are hoping that this project will bring new business opportunities and that it will place the Kvarken region on the space technology map”

Professor Peter Björk

Project information

  • Duration of the project: September 2019- October 2022
  • Led by the University of Vaasa.
  • Budget: 1 860 005€
  • Funding: EU Interreg Botnia-Atlantica program
  • Originally Kvarken Space Center was established in a project KvarkenSpaceEco, that was financed by EU Interreg Botnia-Atlantica program.


More Information:

Peter Björk, Professor of Marketing

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