Students in classroom at Hanken
The economics unit at Hanken is part of the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE) initiative


Economics forms the basis for the systematic thinking on economic interaction in society. The subject offers basic perspectives and analytical tools that can be applied on an individual, corporate, national or a global level. Economics is the subject to choose if you want to obtain deeper insights into how markets work and interact.

The economics unit is part of the Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, an academic initiative bringing together three Finnish universities – Hanken School of Economics, Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. Helsinki GSE’s mission is to, with the enhanced tripartite co-operation between the key actors, produce outstanding research with maximum academic impact. Read more about Helsinki GSE here.

The economics unit at Hanken is particularly active in the research areas of industrial organisation, behavioral economics and experimental economics.

Career opportunities in Economics

The economics program gives excellent qualifications for positions requiring extensive economic and financial expertise as well as strong analytical skills. Our graduates pursue careers in the private sector, the public sector (Bank of Finland, Statistics Finland or research institutes) or at universities as a PhD researcher. Many pursue successful international careers. Most graduates get a job in their field of expertise right after graduation. Common first job titles are analyst, consultant and researcher.


About the studies


Economics provides a powerful lens for observing and analyzing economic, social and political phenomena. It often reaches counter-intuitive answers that puzzle the layman, because people tend to think about economic phenomena from an individual perspective rather than as an equilibrium outcome of a range of interdependent actors in the economy. At Hanken you will learn how to apply equilibrium analysis to a variety of social contexts. You will be amazed how different and interesting the world around you will appear as a result. 

Bengt Holmström, Nobel Laureate in Economics 2016
Rune Stenbacka foto

Studies in Economics focus on the essential features of the central types of markets: product, labor and capital markets. Economics develops flexibility and analytical thinking – assets particularly valuable in times characterized by uncertainty.

Rune Stenbacka, Professor
Joosua Virtanen foto

The field of Economics was the right choice for my dissertation due to its extensive combination of theories and tools to study questions of public and private relevance, providing a solid background for applied work.

Joosua Virtanen, PhD student
Vanessa Aladin foto

Studies in Economics have given me the tools to critically analyse economic phenomena that are present in today’s society. Choosing Economics as your major, guarantees a rewarding time at Hanken and a wide range of opportunities on the labor market.

Vanessa Aladin, MSc student
Erik Kaunismäki foto

I chose Economics because I was genuinely interested in how the world works and how different things are connected to each other. If you wish to extend your understanding, I recommend choosing Economics.

Erik Kaunismäki, MSc student