A collection of forms for students

Here is a collection of forms that students at Hanken need at different stages of their studies. Several of these forms can also be found on other pages and most of them should be submitted to the Student Service in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa.

Please read the forms thoroughly before submitting them - you might need a signature or you might need to attach a certificate of some sort.

Through this electronic form you can order a Certificate of Enrolment or Transcript of records. You can choose to pick up the documents at Hanken in Helsinki or Vaasa. (NB: You need a working Hanken user ID to fill in the form.)

Due to the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic you can order the Enrolment or Transcript of records by e-mailing

When you have completed your studies and submitted your thesis you need to apply for your degree certificate.

You can find the instructions and the application form on the Degree Certificate page.


Non-degree students (other than open university or JOO-students) that take courses at Hanken need to fill in this registration form, which is then to be signed by the examiner and sent to the Office of study Affairs.

Non-degree students registration form:

Form for Arcada students taking language courses at Hanken


If there are courses on your transcript of records that are marked as "expired" you need to apply for their reinstatement.

Updating an expired course.pdf:

If you are a doctoral student at Hanken you need to register as present every year. Please note that newly admitted doctoral students, and visiting doctoral students at Hanken, are to submit other forms than the annual registration form.

New registration form 2020 - click here 


You can still use the old registration form for the yearly development discussions with your supervisor.

Annual registration form for doctoral students (doc):

Registration form for visiting doctoral students = Freemovers (doc):

In order to get the student discount within Helsinki's regional transport you need a valid student card. If you are applying for the student discount for the first time, or if you do not have a student card, you need to present this form (once it has been signed at the Student Service in Helsinki) to the transport officials. Vaasa's regional transport demands only a certificate of enrolment.

More information: or fill out the form:

In Vaasa:


Studies that have been completed before you were admitted to Hanken, or studies that have been completed at another university or polytechnic in Finland during your studies at Hanken, can be transferred to your degree at Hanken. Note: If you wish to transfer credits completed abroad please contact the study counsellors in Helsinki or Vaasa.

Transfer of credits completed in Finland, Master's and Bachelor's students (electronic form):

Transfer of credits, Doctoral students (pdf):

Submit this form, together with the needed signatures and certificates, to the Student Service in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa.

If your right to study is expiring by the end of spring semester (31 July) you can apply for extension of study right in May. If your right to study is expiring by the end of the autumn semester (31 December), the application period is in November. Applications are sent in electronically - the electronic form is opened every May and November.

Students that do not register as either present or absent according to the instructions are removed from the student register. This form needs to be submitted to the Student Service in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa, and a fee has to be paid, before you can be registered as present again.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic you can send the application to or to for students at the Vaasa campus

Application for re-matriculation.pdf:

If you no longer wish to study at Hanken School of Economics you need to terminate your study right and submit the form to the Student Service in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa.

Termination of study right.pdf: