Nina Fagerholm på Stockholms slott
In our new article series Alumni Interview, we meet Hanken alumni from all over the world to hear what they have been up to after graduation. This time we met up with Nina Fagerholm, whose workplace for the past five years has been the Royal Palace in the heart of Stockholm!
Olika gröna örter på ett fat
Biodiversity loss is among the biggest challenges facing us. In order to address this challenge, businesses need to implement governance principles that promote the protection of our nature. Theresa Harrer, a postdoctoral researcher at Hanken School of Economics, is on a mission to find out how these governance principles for biodiversity should look like.
Hanken flaggor
The next conferment of doctoral degrees at Hanken School of Economics will take place on 1 November 2024. At the event, honorary doctors are conferred in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements or cultural and societal achievements.
Disputation doktorsavhandling
Climate change adds to the complexity to the environment in which humanitarian supply chains operate. In the meanwhile, humanitarian supply chains would contribute to the exacerbation of climate change if a greener approach of management is not adopted. Collaboration between scientists, humanitarian practitioners and beneficiaries can help humanitarian supply chains to become more prepared to climatological hazards and more sustainable.