Wooclap interactivity tool

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Interactivity tool for teaching, meetings and events

Wooclap is an online platform that helps you keep students engaged and measures students understanding in real-time through interactive activities. The platform has 16 different types of questions adn activities. For example, word clouds, fill-in-the-blanks, brainstorming and find on an image. You can also integrate the tool with Powerpoint, Teams and Moodle. This enables you to show your interactive questions as part of the Powerpoint presentation and you don’t have to jump in and out of the presentation. Wooclap can also be used to collect questions and opinions during a meeting or event. The participants access the questions on their phone or computers.

Create your account at Wooclap (you can register yourself or choose "login", "sign in with your university" and find Hanken School of economics on the list, this way you do not have to fill in your information. Both ways will create your account).

While we are working on instructions you can start by familiarizing yourself with these sources:

Instructions and ideas from Wooclap (in English):

Teaching lab organises workshop in Wooclap Opens in new window . Follow the teaching lab newsletter or contact them directly at teachinglab@hanken.fi