Responsible Organising #2- Let’s Rethink Society!

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In this conference, we aim at discussing how can we collectively and responsibly take on the challenges the world is facing. Get onboard for this collective action and contribute to the discussions on building a more inclusive and responsible society! On November 13, 2018, from 09:00 to 18:00 At Hanken School of Economics (Arkadiankatu 22, 00100 Helsinki)

Pictures' galery:

In this conference, we aim at discussing how can we collectively and responsibly take on the challenges the world is facing. Get onboard for this collective action and contribute to the discussions on building a more inclusive, ethical and responsible society!
The day is composed of a plenary session about Accountability Mechanisms for Corporate Social Responsibility. In business and society: Who is liable for What? Through inspiring key-notes and a panel discussion, composed of representatives from Finland and other European Countries, we aim at understanding how to tackle business’s human rights challenges through legislation.
In the afternoon, pick up the two workshops which have the highest interest to you! Five are organised in total but several take place at the same time. Topics are related to gender equality, inclusion, financial technologies, sustainable finance, mobility and migration.
There is also an exhibition lined up to conclude an enlightening day on  “rethinking Society for the 21st Century” and the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, which can be explored while networking and enjoying a glass of bubble.
Be a change-maker and join us!
  • To get research based insights on current world challenges
  • To engage in discussion with various experts
  • To enlarge your perspectives through the diversity of topics tackled
  • To network with other change makers and experts

The conference is free of charge and open to everyone but registration is mandatory! Warm welcome to all!

If you have any questions please contact

About the organisers:
The Centre for Corporate Responsibility (CCR) is a cross-disciplinary Research and Development Institute focusing on the societal impacts and responsibilities of business. To know more about CCR, visit here!

GODESS is a research and development institute that focusses on research areas of gender, organisation, diversity, equality, and social sustainability in transnational times.To know more about GODESS, visit here! 

The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute (HUMLOG) acts as a focal point for researchers and partly for practitioners in Humanitarian Logistics to conduct high-quality research on logistics and supply chain management in humanitarian and development context. To know more about HUMLOG, visit here!  


Registration is open!  



Introduction-  Henrik Keinonen  (host),  Partnerships, NewCo, City of Helsinki

Welcome to Hanken-  Karen Spens ,  Rector, Hanken School of Economics

Assembly Hall


Keynote speeches: Corporate Social Responsibility: who is liable for what?

  • President Tarja Halonen -  President of Finland (2000-2012)
  • Roelof van Laar -  Founder, Children's Rights Challenge, former member of Dutch parliament
  • Dr. Wendy HeinLecturer, Birkbeck, University of London

Assembly Hall

10:30-10:50 Break

Panel discussion on: Governing Social Responsibilities: Too important for corporate discretion?

  • Nina Elomaa- Director, Corporate Responsibility, Fazer
  • President Tarja Halonen- President of Finland (2000 -2012)
  • Dr. Wendy Hein- Lecturer, Birkbeck, University of London
  • Roelof van LaarFounderChildren's Rights Challenge, former member of Dutch parliament
  • Timo Vuori- Executive Director, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Finland

Discussion moderated by Nikodemus SolitanderDirector of CCR, Hanken School of Economics

Assembly Hall

12:00-13:00 Lunch at Hanken

Workshop - Sustainable finance and Financial Technology: Hand in hand towards Sustainable Development?

  • 'What is new in responsible finance?', Hanna Silvola, Associate Professor, Dept. of Accounting, Hanken School of Economics
  • 'What is FinTech?' Nina RudankoExecutive Director and Board Member, Fintech Finland
  • "Joukon Voima- Crowdfunding a more sustainable tomorrow", Jukka Kajan, CEO and Co-founder Joukon Voima 

Panel Discussion addressing the overall topic of the workshop with specific questions like: Which kind of transformative activities can FinTech generate in the financial sector?,  How to make FinTech more sustainable?, How can finance contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?.

  • People named above
  • Prof. Bonnie BuchananFulbright Distinguished Chair in Business and Economics, Hanken and Professor of Finance at Seattle University

Discussion moderated by Ville-Pekka Sorsa- Assistant Professor, Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics

Assembly Hall


Workshop - How to meet the needs and rights of refugees?

This workshop aims to bring together people from various organizations to discuss the needs and rights of refugees, as well as their relationship to global mobilities.

Introduction to the topic by Jaana Sipilä- Project coordinator, Counter-trafficking, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Interactive workshop on: How can different actors contribute in meeting the needs and rights of refugees?

Interactive workshop moderated by Pasi Aaltonen- Coordinator, FCA Finn Church Aid

Panel discussion focusing on the context of Finland:

  • Markus Himanen- Doctoral Researcher, The Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism (CEREN), University of Helsinki
  • Mohammad Javid- Activist, Stop Deportations
  • Jaana Sipilä- Project coordinator, Counter-trafficking, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Essi Virtanen - Service Manager of Reception Centre,  Luona Oy
  • Olli Snellman- Head of Section / Reception Unit, Finnish Immigration Service

Discussion moderated by Linda AnnalaDoctoral Researcher, Hanken School of Economics

Room A309


Workshop - Sport and Inclusion: all in the same team?

In this multi-faceted workshop, we aim to introduce the current hot topics related to various aspects of sport and physical activity within the society.

We will explore questions like: "How do individuals - from various identities and backgrounds - experience/consume sport?", "How can we use sport as a tool?", "What are the concepts of fairness and ethics in sporting competitions?" and, along the lines of fairness, even controversial questions like

"What constitutes being a female!?" and "Who is female enough to be allowed to participate in women's competitions!?".

  • Leadership/Ethics , with  Suvi Heikkinen ,  Postdoctoral Researcher, WeAll, Management and leadership, Jyväskylä University
  • LGBTQ/Sex verification tests :  with  Marja Kokkonen ,  Senior Lecturer, Jyväskylä University
  • Adaptive sports: with Aija Saari, Finnish Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities
  • Inclusion of immigrant women :  with  Linda Ruth>  Monaliku ry
  • Violence/harassment: with Elina HavuSecretary General, Finnish Student Sports Federation

Discussion moderated by Leila GharaviCoordinator, GODESS Institute, Hanken School of Economics

Room A411

14:30-14:50 Break

Workshop - 'What is the role of cars in the future of mobility?' (organised in collaboration with NewCo Helsinki)

Introduction by Martin FougèreAssociate Professor in Politics and Business, Hanken School of Economics

Presentations from companies which are currently defining the future of mobility:

'How does your company create value? As a business? For the users? And for society?'

  • Drive Now, Timo Valtonen-Managing Director, Drive Now
  • WHIM,  Jarkko Jaakkola -  Area Manager, MaaS Global/Whim
  • Virta Ltd,  Elias Pöyry - CBO and Deputy CEO 

Panel discussion on “How to develop an efficient and sustainable eco-system for mobility?”

  • People named above
  • Heikki SorasahiSpecialist, Circular Economy, Sitra
  • Saara Reinimaki, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Discussion moderated by Robin Gustafsson- Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Aalto University

Room A210


Workshop - post #metoo: What do we do?

In this interactive Workshop, we aim to open up a discussion on the different kinds of impacts of #MeToo at work and beyond, and what kinds of action can be taken to make for more equal, non-oppressive workplaces, organisations and cultures.

Questions like What has changed, if anything? and What can and should we do? will be discussed.

Workshop moderated by:

  • Malin Gustavsson, Consultant in Gender Equality and Diversity Issues, Ekvalita
  • Prof. Jeff Hearn- Professor Emeritus, Hanken School of Economics
  • Dr.  Charlotta Niemistö , Project leader, WeAll, Hanken School of Economics

The workshop is composed of short presentations, discussions in group and discussions together.

Room A309


Conclusions of the day 



Networking time and Cocktail in Foyer area

Three exhibition areas:

  • Poster exhibition on the findings of the first report “Rethinking Society For The 21st Century” of The International Panel on Social Progress- Foyer
  • Photo and Video exhibition on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with YK-Liitto (UN Association of Finland)-Foyer and 2nd Floor  
  • Making Child Rights a Reality in collaboration with Plan International Finland- 2nd Floor