Give back to the future!

Received donations are directed to Hanken's core operations and support Hanken as an independent, Swedish-speaking and international business school.


Choose donation target: 

Direct support

The funds go directly to investments in teaching, digitization and the learning environment. Gifts of this kind have direct results in research, knowledge transfer, study experience and give Hanken’s students relevant skills for working life. Donations to direct support also includes specific projects and academic positions.

The basic capital

The basic capital provides continuous returns and is a long-term contribution to Hanken. The basic capital consists of donations collected during the fundraising campaigns HANKEN 100, HANKEN RETURNS, HANKEN 110 and Count on Hanken. Only a part of the return on investment is used to secure Hanken's core business. 


Donate online, via your bank or via MobilePay

Online donation (by internet bank or credit card)

This is the most simple way to donate.


Bank: Nordea

Account: FI28 1745 3000 0995 58
Reference: Name and Address, and "OK" if you agree to your name being published on the donor website.



To Hanken's number: 70043
Please write your email address as a comment, "OK" if you agree to your name being published on the donor website.