Software in Computer Rooms


List of Software

Below you see the software installed in the computer rooms at Hanken, grouped by type of software.During the study year, some software might be added, some left out. This is the situation in August 2018.

Office Software

  • Microsoft Office 2016, including project
  • LibreOffice  
  • Adobe Acrobat XI (se och editera PDF-filer)

Statistics, Maths, Finance etc.

  • IBM SPSS Statistics 25
  • SAS 9.2 (Statistics)
  • Mathematica 10 (Mathematica 10 introduces a host of new areas—such as machine learning, computational geometry, geographic computation, and device connectivity—as well as deepening capabilities and coverage across the algorithmic world. Mathematica 10 is the first version of Mathematica based on the complete Wolfram Language)
  • IBM Rational Data Artichect (IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution that helps you discover, model, relate, standardize, and integrate diverse and distributed data assets.)
  • Maxima Algebra System (Maxima is a system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, and sets, lists, vectors, matrices, and tensors. Maxima yields high precision numeric results by using exact fractions, arbitrary precision integers, and variable precision floating point numbers. Maxima can plot functions and data in two and three dimensions.)
  • MikTeX (a typesetting system that is "intended for the creation of beautiful books - and especially for books that contain a lot of mathematics")
  • Voitto+ CD (contains the financial statements data on 97 000 Finnish companies and groups)
  • Eviews 10 (Estimation, forecasting, statistical analysis, graphics, simulation, data management, all in a powerful, graphical object-oriented interface.)
  • Oxmetrics 7 (A family of of software packages providing an integrated solution for the econometric analysis of time series, forecasting, financial econometric modelling, or statistical analysis of cross-section and panel data.)
  • Invest for Excel (Invest for Excel is the software solution for capital budgeting, financial modeling and valuation)
  • Gambit (Gaming theory)
  • Gretl (Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library)
  • OpenProj (an open-source desktop project management application similar to Microsoft Project)
  • R and RStudio (a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics)
  • Rapidminer 5 (Advanced Analytics. Predictive Analytics. Data Mining, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence)
  • WebSphere Business Modeler (offers basic capabilities for business users to document, visualize, and report on business process models for continuous process improvement)


  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Edge


  • VLC (VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.)
  • QuickTime alternative (Replaces pesky Apple Quick Time and saves you from unwanted advertisements)
  • Realtime Alternative (Replaces pesky Real media realTimePlayer and saves you from unwanted advertisements)


  • Gimp 2.8 (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
  • Image Magick 6.8 (a software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images)


  • Visual Studio 2005
  • "Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express"
  • LyX (combines the power and flexibility of TeX/LaTeX with the ease of use of a graphical interface)
  • BlueJ (A free Java Development Environment designed for beginners, used by millions)
  • NetBeans (an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing primarily with Java)

Utilities and Tools

Web Authoring, HTML etc

  • Nvu (Nvu (pronounced "N-view," for a "new view") is a free, open source software program that allows you to build websites and web pages using a simple WYSIWYG editor (what-you-see-is-what-you-get). Nvu makes creating web pages as easy as using a word processor and rivals such programs as Adobe's Dreamweaver and Microsoft's Expression Web, only for free! With Nvu's built-in site manager, connecting to your website and making changes is a snap.)
  • Publish or Perish 3 (citation analysis tool)
  • Refworks (RefWorks -- an online research management, writing and collaboration tool -- is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.)
  • JabRef (an open source bibliography reference manager)
  • ILWIS ("Integrated Land and Water Information System, ILWIS, the world's most user-friendly integrated software with raster processing capabilities to work on remotely sensed satellite images and vector processing capabilities for making vector maps and countless spacial modeling abilities. Its fully integrated raster and vector approach and user-friendlyness make it particularly suitable for natural resources managers, field scientists, biologists, ecologists, etc., as well as for educators. )

Special software in Helsinki

Learning Lab

  • Datastream on computer A006-01
  • Fact Set on computer       A006-02
  • Research Insight on the computers by the windows

Computer Room A404   

  • SDC Platinum
  • Facset
  • Stata. Computers are marked with a sticker.

Special Software in Vaasa

Computer Room v317

  • Amos 22 on 9 computers in the front, by the windows.

Computer Room v326

  • Visma Navita Yritysmalli