Printing - Copying - Scanning

The printers have changed 29.9.2017.

Instructions for printers

The printers in Helsinki and Vasa have changed. Instructions for the printers you find here:

Dreambroker guide to install a printer

All printing, scanning and copying at Hanken is done with multi-function copiers (printer, scanner and copier in one unit). Both staff and students use the same system. The change was done in Helsinki in the summer of 2011 and in Vasa in April 2012. Ricoh Finland handles all responsibilities concerning Hanken's copiers.

Printing credits

As a student you need to buy printing credits to print at a Hanken printer.

The student union handles sales of printing credits and the printing administration at the bookstore IB. In Helsinki IB also provides papers for the printer. In Vaasa the custodian provides paper when needed.

Follow You and the printing key

To be able to print, you have to be logged in on a multi-function copier (MFC).

The easiest way to do so is to use your personal printing key

  • Older students acquire their printing keys from the bookstore IB or InfoBITen
  • The staff get their key from , or the Computer center in Vaasa.
  • New students get their key when they sign the |'s user agreement

If you haven't recieved a key yet (or just forgot it), you can log in manually to use the printer.

Documents sent to the queue persist 48 hours and can be printed by you during this time. In practice, this means you can print your documents from any of the new printers at Hanken.

The first time you use the key, you'll need to log in on the printer (you show the key and log in). Any time after this, you'll only need to show your key. There are brief instructions at every printer.

Like before, students are to buy their credits from the bookstore IB. Hanken sponsors the students' print credits.

How to register your printing key

Printers and default settings

All printers are functionally the same and can print in colours, except the one in the Learning Lab, which is intended for printing in larger magnitudes.

All printing is two-sided and in black and white by default. If you need to print with custom options you can edit the options for your session.


Registrera din bricka

Snabbguide för multifunktionsapparaten (MFP)

Where and how can I print using a Hanken printer?

For students: To be able to print, copy or scan you need printing credits. Printing credits can be purchased from | the bookstore IB. Hanken sponsors 50% of every credit.

Department employees and associates: Your department pays for your printing, copying and scanning. (within reason)

There are mult-function printers in:

  • The Learning Lab (x1)
  • the corridor outside the computer classrooms on the 4th floor (x2)
  • the library
  • outside the bookstore IB

In Vasa:

  • in the lobby the first floor
  • outside the computer classrooms on the 3rd floor


In the event of a lost printing key

Every key is connected to a user via the Hanken user administration database AD. Although the key itself doesn't contain any money, it's the key to the user's printing credits.

If you lose your key, the person who finds it:

  • can access your documents in the FOLLOW-YOU queue and print them
  • can copy with your credits

Immediately inform either

  • InfoBITen or IB in Helsinki
  • the Computer center in Vaasa.

so your key can be deactivated. It can be reactivated if you find it before you activate a new one.

If you lose the key you have to buy a new one yourself. When you get a new key and activate it, the old key is deactivated.


from WLAN

You can print your document from Hanken printers when connected to the WLAN by:

  • sending a document with your Hanken email
  • by installing a driver for the printers
  • by uploading a file with the ePrint interface

You can print the document as usual by logging in on the printer and printing whatever you need to print that is in the Follow-You queue. Documents persist 48 hours in the queue.

NB! This still requires you to have printing credits or be associated with a department. 

From your email

You can send email attatchments to (or

  • The sender has to have a Hanken email similar to:
  • If you send email from a non-registered address you will not get a response (this is a precaution against spammers)
  • If you attach a file with an unsupported file format you will get a reply.
  • The system knows the following file formats: .pdf, .html, .htm, .gif, .png, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .txt, .rtf, the Microsoft office formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), and the Open Office formats (.odt, .ott, .oth and .odm)

By uploading a file with eprint

You can upload files with a web interface:

  • Log in at with your Hanken ID and password
  • Upload the document you want to print
  • You can see a list of the documents you've recently printed, regardless of the method you've used to print them.
  • The interface the following file formats: .pdf, .html, .htm, .gif, .png, .jpg, .tif, .bmp, .txt, .rtf, the Microsoft office formats (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx), and the Open Office formats (, .oth and .odm)

Printing at other - install the driver queue Follow You

If you are a student or staff member, who for some reason works at an other Campus, you have to install the local printer queue on the Hanken computer you work with.

You have to run Follow_U.cmd by doubleclicking the script in the folder FOLLOW_U in I:\AddPrinter [APPS (\\BALTIC)(I:):\AddPrinter\FOLLOW_U\Follow_U.cmd]

Note that the script has to be run at every Hanken computer you use for working, if you want to print from it.