Hanken uses Moodle as online learning environment. Nearly all courses use it for sharing materials, videos and links, but also for handing in assignments or for working interactively online.

Moodle Opens in new window provides users with lecture materials, a calendar with course schedules, exercises, tests, discussion areas, or the possibility to hand in assignments or take exams online.

A course taught in the Moodle environment can be divided into several time periods, organized by different themes, or based upon the participants' social interaction.

You can log in to Moodle with your Hanken's intranet username and password. Use Shibboleth authentication via the HAKA federation. You must have a valid user account to the university network in order to access Moodle environment.

Access to many Moodle courses requires a 'key' (course password), which you can get from the teacher of the course. Most teachers post the course key as a message in Sisu.

The students need to register for all the courses also through SISU Opens in new window !