Shibboleth and Haka

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List of systems that use Shibboleth login, as well as HAKA classification of users by role

HAKA - federation and Shibboleth

Hanken and all other higher education institutions in Finland are members of the HAKA federation, which allows the same user ID and password to be used to log into many research and teaching services in Finland.

We as the home organization manage and guarantee user-IDs, passwords and the rights to these, for our students, employees and associates. We guarantee to the rest of the members of the federation that we verify the identity (ie, the username has been given to a certain identified person) and that we provide Shibboleth / Haka user rights only for those who should have it.

For the Haka-federation, Hanken must have a generally legible document describing user management and how the data in the user database is updated.

System that utilizes Shibboleth at login

1. All HAKA services 

Services that one or more Haka-member provides us and the higher education institution-socity that we log in to via Shibboleth: 

  • Hanna andFinna
  • Eduuni
  • Webropol
  • Mobility Online
  • Rondo
  • M2
  • Adobe connect
  • Joopas
  • Funet FileSender
  • Oili
  • Moodle via HU, Metropolia, TTY, VY,
  • ... and many more - You can find ALL Haka-services here:

2. Hanken's internal services

Some of Hanken's internal services:

  • Hanken's web
  • Hanken's Moodle
  • Schema/Peppi
  • Proxy
  • Exam
  • Hanken Support Foundations application system
  • Request tracker RT/helpdesk
  • Forma/E-lomake
  • Reportronic/Halli
  • Haris
  • Personec ESS
  • Recruitment database Laura

Classification of users according to HAKA

Logo för Hakafederationen

The following table explains how different groups of users are classified according to the HAKA federation, ie what role / roles you as a user will have.

Both Hanken and third party service providers can base the rights to their services on the basis of these roles (student, member, employee ...).

Student + Member for all students registered as present for the current semester (degree students: bachelors, masters, licentiate or PhD and exchange students) as well as JOO-students
Employee + Member a person who is employed by Hanken and receives a monthly salary.  (the data is found in Personec)
Member a person that does not receive any salary from Hanken, but is heavily associated with Hanken: 
-non-military services-doers, 
-Employees of other higher education institutions at various projects, 
-scholarship recipients, 
-Finlands Academy Research Fellows
-post doc researchers without employment

Guest researchers
Hourly paid employees
Active associate Professors

Affiliate Students that are registered as absent 
Students from the Open university 
Other students enrolled for non-degree studies 
Other executive education progrms