Information about scholarships for Master's degree students.


Hanken's Scholarship Scheme

  • Scholarships are granted to students who are liable for tuition fees.
  • Applying for a scholarship will not affect your application to the Master's Degree Programme.
  • The scholarships at Hanken are merit-based. All scholarships are awarded based on the applicant's academic excellence in the previous studies and applicable test score results.
  • All scholarships requirements demand the receiving students to keep a good pace within their studies. Annual check-ups are done to ensure that the student will graduate within two academic years.
  • A student can only receive one scholarship which include a re-location or living-exenses grant.


Scholarships  - admission stage

  • Hanken Premium GBSN Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee and 8000 EUR/year living expenses per academic year for two academic years

    • Hanken School of Economics offers two scholarships to students currently studying at or alumni of GBSN member schools from developing countries

    • Read more about GBSN scholarships at the official GBSN site.

    • The GBSN member schools are listed here.

  • Hanken Honors Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee for two academic years.

  • Finland Scholarship (financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland), covers the full tuition fee for the 1st academic year and includes a 5000 EUR re-location grant.


Note! The application for the scholarships is a integrated part of the application form for Master's Degree studies at Hanken so no separte application is needed. 

Admitted applicants who receive a scholarship are informed about the granted scholarship in their personal admission letter and receive additional info on the Scholarship regulations in a seperate scholarship letter.


Scholarships - 2nd year of enrolment

  • Hanken Honours Second Year Scholarship, covers the full tuition fee for the second year of enrolment for students who

    • have completed 60 study points during the first academic year (before 31st of July) and

    • have not been registered as absent at Hanken. The only exception is if the student has been registered as absent due to legal grounds (for the scholarship also foreign military/civil service is accepted as a legal ground) and can provide masters(at) with an official certificate of the reason for the abscence no later than 31 July before the second year of enrolment start.

  • Students do not need to apply for the Hanken Honors Second Year Scholarship separately - the scholarship is automatically granted to all enrolled students who fulfill the requirements above.


Graduating as a Scholarship Student

  • If you are a Scholarship recipient studying your second year, you must submit your thesis and apply for graduation no later than 31st July (graduation date 31.7) in order to not become liable to tuition fees on 1st of August when the new academic year starts. Hence, it is ok that you receive your degree certificate in September as long as you have applied for graduation no later than 31st July.
  • If you cannot apply for graduation by 31st July, you will become liable for tuition fees on 1st August when the new academic year starts. 
  • As a Scholarship student whose exemption from tuition fees ends on 31st July, you will receive a tuition fee invoice in the spring of your second year of enrolment with the due date 1st of August (regardless of your graduation plans).
    • You can choose to pay the invoice either by 15th June or 1st August or if you know that you will graduate no later than 31st July, leave the invoice unpaid.
    • The Admission Office, which is in charge of the tuition fee follow-up, will check if you applied for graduation timely with the Study councellors on 2nd of August and hence know whether you are required to pay tuition fees for the new academic year or not.
  • More info on the tuition fee payment is found on the pages for tuition fees.