| 08.06.2016

Summer School with Mays Business School

Mays Business School, Texas A & M University and Hanken are for the first time offering a joint summer school 6-29 June 2016.

In total 23 students from Mays’ and Hanken are participating in the summer school. The Summer School consists of three courses; International Environment of Business delivered by Mays Business School, Introduction to Nordic Business Culture and Introduction to Russian Business Culture delivered by Hanken.

Dr Daria Panina, lecturer in the course International Environment of Business, from Mays Business School, has a group of 13 students from Mays with her. They will together with students from Hanken explore different topics in International Business and learn about different Business Cultures. The interaction in class with students from Hanken is an important part of the Summer School.

The Summer School started on 6 June with an introduction to Finland as a Nordic country by Tricia Cleland from Hanken. Mr Stefan Lindström, Counsellor at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, discussed and compared business communication in the US and Finland and gave many practical examples from his career in Europe, Asia and the US. In addition to lectures and group works, there will be 2 company visits and a visit to the Ministry of Finance.

Lecturers from Hanken are Thommie Burström, Ph.D., Rettig Capital Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Management (Introduction to Nordic Business Culture) and Peter Zashev Ph.D. Econ, Program Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education (Introduction to Russian Business Culture).

For more information on the Summer School please contact Johanna Julin Lilius