| 12.04.2022

Hanken’s 2021 Carbon Footprint

Hanken's carbon footprint for 2021 is ready.

Hanken’s calculated carbon dioxide emissions from 2021 are 556 CO2 metric ton. This includes the emissions from employee travel, electricity and heating, paper usage, IT procurement and generated waste. Our largest emission category was district heating, that caused around 50% of the total calculated carbon footprint during 2021. The business travel category includes 0.04 tCO2 caused by train travel, the rest of the emissions are caused by flying. 

Carbon footprint 2021

District heating in Helsinki has been carbon neutral starting 2022, which will lower our carbon footprint by around 300 tCO2. Our electricity consumption is carbon neutral which has decreased our footprint by about 130 tCO2 from previous years. District heating in Vaasa will be carbon neutral starting 2023. 

Please note that these figures constitute the calculated emissions, i.e. Hanken’s carbon footprint is in reality larger than this. Our main tool for calculating out emissions is the WWF Green Office Climate Calculator, when possible, for example for district heating, we have used emission factors provided by the supplier.  Hanken has offset for our 2019 and 2020 calculated emissions. Our calculated CO2 emissions are significantly below our 6% annual reduction target. A large reason behind this is the decreased business travel due to Covid-19, in 2018 our CO2 emissions from business travel was been between 600-700 tCO2. 

To get more detail on how the calculations have been done and details about specific calculation categories please contact prme@hanken.fi. Hanken has no vehicles or laboratories that effect our carbon footprint. The CO2 categories lacking from our calculated carbon footprint are procurement (except for the categories listed above), maintenance, cooling, renovations, travel (except for flights and trains). We are working on including more Scope 3 calculation categories in the future.

To find out more about Hanken's environmental work and targets please visit our sustainability pages