Hanken Green Office

Hanken aims to reduce its environmental footprint and uses WWF's Green Office as its EMS.

WWF Green office

WWF's Green Office is an environmental service for offices. With its help, workplaces are able to reduce their burden on the environment, achieve savings and slow down climate change. Offices that fulfill the required criteria are granted rights to the Green Office logo by WWF. 

Hanken Green office

As a measure in the Hanken environmental plan Hanken School of Economics signed a contract with WWF in the autumn of 2009 and begun the process of becoming a Green Office. Hanken received the designation and the right to use the Green Office logo on October 29 2010. 

The last audit by WWF took place last year (2019) in November in Vaasa and in January (2020) in Helsinki. Both the locations passed the audit and the our Green office designation continues for next couple of years. 

Implementation of Green campus

Green campus activities are managed by the social responsibility coordinator Sanchi Maheshwari, who works one day per week towards this. The work of the coordinator is further supported by an advisory group consisting of:


  • Maisa Dyhr (student union SHS representative)
  • Anja Hongelin (on maternity leave currently)
  • Robert Krogars
  • Malin Wikstedt


  • Susanne Holmström
  • Tommy Nilsson
  • Daniela Smeds
  • Kristina Wallin

Hanken's short and long term goals

The latest envrionmental programme can be found below which highlights Hanken's short terms goals and objectives.

Hanken's long term goal is to be carbon neutral by 2030. Read more here!

For additional information, please contact our Green Office at hankengreen@hanken.fi

What's in the numbers?

Check out our environmental impact and emissions numbers here!