Silent video portrait with Riikka Gröndahl

Grupprum Naava (K03, next to Futurum) (Helsinki)
Welcome to take part in a silent video portrait. The silent video portrait is a participatory art work provided for the community of Hanken by the artist Riikka Gröndahl.

Empty chair with text Silent Video Portrait and text Come take part in an Artwork

The art work consists of a silent moment in front of the video camera and of a written thought. The work filmed in Hanken invites you to ponder on the themes of sustainable development.

This artwork provides a moment for pause and silence, and gives the opportunity to share your thoughts with your community anonymously. Taking part in this process is open precisely for you, come as you are. 

Where: Grupprum Naava K03
When: Thursday 21st September 10:00-16:00
Duration: You decide how long your portrait is
Work will be shown on Monday 25 September at the Foyer and later this fall in Hanken.

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