Sustainable Organising - Part 4

Join this last open lecture in a 4 part series regarding sustainable organising around food and design!

(Un)Sustainability in Organization Studies: towards a radical engagement with more-than-human worlds. 

This lecture will focus on how different ways of defining and researching sustainability has concreate impact on the world(s) we co-create. Seray will specifically touch upon how organization studies can incorporate more-than-human approaches to the study of sustainability and how nonhumans (e.g. plastics and textiles) are part of the organizational context of (un)sustainabilities. We will also discuss how she views that organizational scholars can engage in societal debates and activism related to sustainability.

Seray Ergene is an Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business at the University of Rhode Island. She draws from various critical perspectives to study sustainability, including feminist posthumanism and new materialism, and environmental justice and racism scholarship. Her previous ethnographic research explores sustainability in the textiles and fashion industry. Her current work engages with ocean plastics pollution, and she collaborates with natural scientists and community organizations in interdisciplinary projects.

The guest lectures are held with support from Näringslivets foundation.