Opening of the Academic Year in Vaasa

Festsalen inför inskriptionen
The opening of the academic year 2024-2025 will take place on Tuesday, 3 September 2024 at 1 p.m.


Musik / Music

Rektors tal / Rector’s speech
Rektor / Rector Ingmar Björkman

Studentkårens hälsning/ The Student union's greeting
Studentkårens styrelseordförande / Chair of the board of the Student Union Sofie Eriksson

Musik / Music 



At 12.50 p.m. the academic staff shall assemble in the administration corridor on the 1st floor. The ceremony begins with the staff's procession after the audience is seated. In order to emphasize the solemnity of the occasion the following is desirable:

Faculty and staff members taking part in the academic procession should be dressed in black (dark suit for gentlemen and dark dress or dark and white for the ladies). The doctor's hat should be carried on the left arm. A "hat park" will be provided in the cloakroom during the coffee after the ceremony.

As many faculty members as possible should attend the ceremony. A doctoral hat is not required to attend the ceremony. 

Order of the procession

•    Rector
•    Deans
•    Professors by seniority
•    All members of faculty
•    Directors of the three administrative units. Those with a doctorate degree go first.