Honorary talks with Tore Ellingsen: How to Save the World? – Success and Failure of Humans in Groups

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Welcome to a breakfast and lecture with Hanken's Honorary Doctor Professor Tore Ellingsen on Tuesday the 5th of March at 8:00 a.m.

Why do some countries succeed while others struggle? Why are some firms profitable while rivals fail? Why do some marriages thrive and others end in divorce? These questions seem unrelated, but societies, companies, and marriages have one important thing in common: they involve more than one individual. They thus face the same fundamental challenges. How can people be made to help rather than hurt each other? How can they use sacrifice, cooperation, and coercion to promote the common good?

In this lecture, Hanken's honorary doctor Tore Ellingsen equips you with the first steps to answer essential questions around the success and failure of humans in groups, drawing on behavioral game theory, psychology, and sociology.

The lecture is in English.

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