Degree Certificate

Instructions for the application of degree certificate and information about the degree ceremony.

Application for Degree Certificate

Once you have completed all your courses and submitted your master’s thesis or your doctoral thesis has been approved by the academic council, you can apply for your degree certificate. To apply for your degree certificate please follow the instructions below. Please note that you can not cancel your application for a degree certificate.

The graduation process, once you have submitted your thesis:

  1. You can apply for the degree certificate before your thesis has been approved if all other courses have been registered and you have written or scheduled a date for the maturity test. Please check that all the courses for your degree are visible on the official transcript of records (with exception of the thesis and the seminar course). If you are a Master's student and have completed more than 120 credits you can exclude some courses from your official degree certificate by writing the names and codes of these courses in the application form. These courses will still be visible on a separate transcript of records that is not included in your degree. The transcript of records will be available after the graduation date at the Service Point in Helsinki or the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa.
  2. Log in to WebOodi and check that your current address and telephone number are correct to ensure that the Office of Study Affairs can contact you if there is something that still needs to be done before your graduation.
  3. If you have a student key to Hanken, return it to IB Bookstore in Helsinki or the administration in Vaasa.
  4. If you study in Helsinki, make sure you have no unpaid fees to Hanken's library.
  5. Fill in the electronic Application for Master's Degree Certificate or Doctoral Degree Certificate. Please note that you will receive a confirmation email when you have submitted your application. Please check that you received the confirmation email (also check your trash/spam folder) to make sure that your application has been received.
  6. If you are a Master's student, please fill in the Electronic Questionnaire for recent M.Sc. graduates after submitting your application for Degree Certificate. You will be automatically taken to the Questionnaire.
  7.  If you wish to graduate before/on a certain day you have to submit your Application for Degree Certificate within the deadline for one of the official graduation days.
  8. You will receive an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony / information about the Graduation Day five days before your graduation to the e-mail address you fill in in the application form. Please contact or if you have not received such an e-mail three days before the graduation date.
  9. Your right to study will be terminated on the day of your graduation. Your user rights to Hanken’s web services and your e-mail will also be terminated the day after your graduation.

The Degree Certificate

When you graduate, you will receive the degree certificate and a transcript of records as well as a Diploma Supplement in English that provides a description of your degree and the Finnish higher education system. Both the degree certificate, incl. transcript of records, and the diploma supplement are free of charge. Once you have submitted your thesis and completed all the courses, you can apply for your degree certificate and graduate. The electionic form for application for degree certificate is found on the Forms page.

Please note that we do not send the original degree certificates by mail.

Diploma Supplement

All graduating students automatically receive a Diploma Supplement free of charge. The Diploma Supplement is a document for international use and follows the model developed by the European Commission, Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. It provides a description of the degree in question and how the degree is positioned within the Finnish higher education system. The Diploma Supplement also contains an English-language transcript of records.

Graduation Ceremony

There is a graduation ceremony on certain graduation days, where the Rector or the Dean hands out the degree certificates. For information on which graduation dates have a graduation ceremony, please see the timetable page.