Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the admission for Hanken's master's programmes in English.

Do you have a question that isn't listed in the FAQ? Please e-mail your inquiries to, and we will answer you as soon as we can.

Am I eligible for Master's degree studies at Hanken?

Hanken has a number of eligibility requirements, found here for the main admission round and here for the rolling admission round. We recommend reading them thoroughly.

Can I apply if I haven't completed my bachelor's degree yet?

Yes. If you are granted an admission offer, it will be considered conditional. This means that you must graduate and send Hanken your final degree documents before 31st of July at 15:00 (GMT+2), or else your offer will be withdrawn.

What is the difference between the main admission round and the rolling admission round?

The main admission round is processed during a specific time period, and admission results are published during the Spring. In the rolling admission the admission requirements are higher so that the applications can be processed fast in in the order they are submitted which means that the you will receive your admission results within 4 weeks after applying.

Can I apply via both admission rounds?

Yes. You can apply to both admission rounds at the same time, or wait until the main admission round's results are published before applying via the rolling admission round.

When are admission results published?

For the main admission round, admission and scholarship results are published in Spring. For the rolling admission round, admission and scholarship results are published per individual, around 3-4 weeks after the application has been submitted.

When do studies begin?

Studies for Hanken's master's programmes (no matter the admission round) begin in early autumn, usually the last week in August.

Are there any tuition fees for the master's degree programmes?

The fee for non-EU/EEA students at Hanken is 15 000€/academic year. Certain residence permits will exempt you from tuition fees.

Does Hanken offer scholarships?

Yes. Hanken offers scholarships to students liable to pay tuition fees. Our scholarships are merit-based, meaning that previous academic excellence affects whether or not you receive a scholarship. You can read more about Hanken's scholarships here.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

The scholarship application is part of the programme application form. Simply click on the form that you wish to apply for a scholarship. Your scholarship application does not influence your application for admission.

What is an officially certified copy?

Officially certified means that the copy of the document is an identical copy of the original document. Usually, this means that a public notary or the awarding institution has created and stamped+signed the certified copy. If you scan your certified copy, the digital version is not considered certified as digital documents can easily be counterfeited.

Some universities use digital verification portals. If a digital verification portal is used, the document can be considered officially certified.

Do I have to send my officially certified copies to Hanken?

Hanken does not require officially certified copies during the application stage - simple digital copies will sufficient. However, if you are granted admission, you must send in officially/digitally certified copies of your educational documents to Hanken. Please do not send your original documents.

I have completed a degree taught completely in English. Do I have to take a language test?

You are only exempt from a language test if you hold a Bachelor's/Master's degree or secondary education taught completely in English and obtained in the EU/EEA, Switzerland, Australia Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or United States. If you have completed your degree in a country not listed, you must complete a language test or aptitude test with sufficient results in order to be eligible. You can read more here.

What is a GMAT/GRE test?

Both the GMAT and the GRE test are international, standardized aptitude tests designed to measure the test taker's analytical, quantitative, verbal, and data insight skills. The test is designed for business schools, and is used to evaluate an applicant's aptitude for the programme.

Do I have to take a GMAT/GRE to be admitted?

If the degree you are applying with has a high GPA and was obtained at a Hanken partner university or within the EU/EEA(+Switzerland), then you are exempt from taking an aptitude test. Read more about the GPA requirement here.