| 04.08.2023

Moodle update 8-9 August 2023

The Hanken Moodle will be upgraded to version 4.1 the 8-9 August. During the update, Moodle is closed.

Hanken Moodle will be updated to version 4.1 on Tuesday-Wednesday 8-9 August.

On Tuesday Moodle is closed in the morning, on Wednesday Moodle is closed most part of the day.

Hanken, like most other universities in Finland, update their Moodles to version 4.x as the support for the now used version 3.9 will end this fall.

At the same time, Hanken will change the used template, the looks of Moodle, as the existing template does not work correctly in many situations. We are starting to use the basic template provided by Moodle. This means some of the menues and functions are moved to new places, for example, the tool buttons to the right will disappear. The structure of Moodle is also improved.

We will arrange workshops around the new Moodle 4.1 for TEACHER´s and STAFF  at least the following days

  • Monday 14.8 kl 13-15 (Swedish) ,
  • Thursday 17.8 kl. 13-15 (eng/sve) och
  • Tuesday 22.8 kl. 10-12 (English).

Register for the workshops via Teaching Lab's normal registration form Opens in new window .

For STUDENTS more information coming during the week 14.8 at the latest.

If you have questions, e-mail moodle-help@hanken.fi

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