Ukraine- why help with cash instead of goods?

Picture: Ukraine - why help with cash instead of goods?
The situation in Ukraine is urgent and what is happening in the region affects us all. In the light of the current events Hanken invites you to the seminar Ukraine - why help with cash instead of goods? at Hanken on Thursday 3 March at 9.00-10.00. At the seminar, experts and researchers talk about what is happening in Ukraine and how best to help the people in need. You can also follow the seminar via a video link.

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Hanken's students and staff do not need to register and can find more information and the link to the event via this page (behind login).

Speakers include: 

  • Karen Spens, Rector of Hanken School of Economics
  • Gyöngyi Kovács, Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics
  • Diego Vega, Deputy Director of the HUMLOG Institute, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility
  • Wojciech Piotrowicz, Director of the HUMLOG Institute, Associate Professor in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility 
  • Amin Maghsoudi, HUMLOG Postdoctoral Researcher 


Hanken urges all alumni, students, stakeholders, and all staff to get involved and give their support to the crisis in Ukraine. A contribution to a reliable disaster fund is the best way to help the victims of the conflict and the people fleeing Ukraine. With the help of your support, the crisis help distributes food, medicines, and protection in the affected region.

Hanken has many years of collaborative projects with several aid organizations around the world. Below are suggestions of organizations that Hanken collaborates with and that actively operates in Ukraine. Give your support and donate to one of the following organizations, or any other organization you find appropriate:

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The event is free of charge and is open for anyone to register. The programme will be held in English.

The participation link will be sent to registered online participants via e-mail on Wednesday 2 March after 7 pm. 

Hanken withholds the rights to adjustments in the programme.

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