Exhibition: A Sustainable Dialogue Through a Sustainable Installation

Hanken Main Building (second floor, opposite of the Board Room)
An invitation to a dialogue
A Sustainable Dialogue Through a Sustainable Installation is a process-based exhibition by the artist Doğa for Hanken’s SDG week 2023.

Found Object Installation, 2023, doğa 

The “shopped" objects  are choices brought to the surface of everyday life by researchers working on sustainability or whose work is related to sustainability. A straightforward question: What would you choose as sustainable in your daily life? Let’s bring them into sunlight of the daily life.
Come closer and read what the invoices of the objects are chatting about. The dialogues are fictionalized by inspiring the conversations with researchers about how they implement sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Contributing researchers so far: Niclas Meyer, Pia Polsa, Linda Tallberg, Vera Sevastianova, Frank den Hond, William LaFleur, Eva-Lena Lundgren-Henriksson, Man Yang, Virva Tuomala. 

If you want to get involved in the process, add something to the installation during the exhibition. Then take a photo of the installation and send it to sustainability.in.everyday.life@gmail.com. 

After each photo you send, you can follow the changing portrait of the sustainable shop on the website. 

Please feel free to touch the objects, move closer and further away, walk around, make small changes in the placement of the objects even if you don't add anything, add dialog and questions.