EQualCare Academic Seminar (Hybrid): Older Age, Living Alone and Digitalisation

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The final seminar of the project EQualCare (Alone but connected? Digital (in)equalities in care work and generational relationships among older people living alone) was held on Friday 26.01.2024.

For the past three years, research teams in Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Latvia have been studying topics related to aging, informal care- and support networks, living and digitalisation. Within the project, we have analysed national and international statistics and policy documents, and conducted participatory action research (PAR) with seniors over the age of 60. You can read more about the project here, on the project page.

During the seminar we presented the central results of the project and discussed our findings. The slides are available upon request. Please contact Hanna Sjögren at hanna.sjogren@hanken.fi if you are interested.