Career Afternoon with alumna Ella Veijalainen - How to use LinkedIn to your advantage

Teacher's Lounge, A 516
Ella Veijalainen
Come and meet Hanken alumna Ella Veijalainen!

Hanken alumna Ella Veijalainen, Talent Manager at Netlight, has seven years of experience in recruitment. During the past four and a half years Ella has recruited primarily through LinkedIn and has therefore seen thousands of LinkedIn profiles. In the past years Ella has also coached university students to improve their LinkedIn profiles. In October she will share her knowledge at Hanken!

During Ella’s session you will hear about these topics:

  • What does recruitment look like today
  • Why is mastering tools like LinkedIn important
  • Tips on how to make a great LinkedIn profile
  • How do recruiters use LinkedIn (LinkedIn Recruiter)

You will also have the possibility to ask questions and improvement ideas for your own profile. Coffee and tea will be served.