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Here you find some of the services that you as a student can use.

On this page the study services and study counselling efforts for the time we are all working and studying from home are presented. For the time being that is at least until 13.5.2020.

The page has been updated on 31 March 2020.

During the weeks that the students and staff study and work from home the study counselling for Helsinki students is offered electronically during our regular opening hours: Mon 13-15, Wednesday 9-11 and Thursday 14-16.

You book a time for study counselling by emailing us from your Hanken email on You can wish for a specific time during our opening hours. You will be offered a 15 minute time slot. When you’ve booked your time you will be sent a link to an electronic meeting in Teams. You don’t need to have the programme on your computer/phone since you will be able to access the meeting through your web browser. Please use the link to log in at the given time or a few minutes early. If the previous study counselling meeting is not over yet, you can wait in the Teams lobby for the study counsellor to give you access to the study counselling session. Please note that we only offer study counselling during the opening hours and if you are late for your appointment we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help you during the same day.

PLESE NOTE that the study counsellors mainly offer guidance when it comes to the degree structure and in what order you should take your courses. We don’t have detailed information about courses, so please see course page on Moodle or contact the course instructor in such matters. If you need technical support when it comes to participating in courses through Teams or other IT matters, please email

Study counselling for Vaasa students 

If you need study counselling during the time that students and staff study and work remotely, please contact Britt-Mari Siironen ( or or Marika Finne

You can also contact us by phone 040 3521 736 (Britt-Mari) or 040 3521 571 (Marika)


Outgoing exchange students: please contact us by e-mail or by phone: +358 40 3521 391


Incoming exchange studies: please contact us by e-mail or by phone: +358 40 3521 312

Career Services sends out a weekly newsletter every Monday to your Hanken email. In this letter, you can find information on career related matters, virtual events and other career news.

In case you have any career related questions, or i.e. questions regarding internships abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us at or +35840 3521 539.

UPDATE 19 MARCH: Only unofficial transcript of records are available during the time Hanken is closed. Please order your unofficial transcript in WebOodi (after you've logged in, click on Your studies).  


Helsinki: the Student Service and IT helpdesk offers electronic services from 16 March through (study related matters) and (IT related matters)
The physical Student Service desk in Quantum, 1st floor is closed.

Vaasa: the Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa is reached by email (short study related matters). In IT matters, please email The physical Office of Study Affairs in Vaasa is closed.

You can turn to the study psychologist in matters concerning for instance study skills, motivation, time management, stress management and thesis writing. 

Helsinki: The study psychologist offers guidance remotely. If you want to book a new meeting, please contact the study psychologist by email / phone: 

Study psychologist Fanny Hedenborg
Phone: +358 50 448 9172 (calls and SMS)
E-mail: studiepsykolog(at)

Vaasa: The remote meetings are held online on computer (if is has a camera) or by a smart phone.

Study psychologist Daniel Ventus 
Phone: 046 921 61 21

Hanken offers coaching for the students as additional support in this exceptional situation resulting from the corona virus. A coaching session may help you sort out your thoughts, allow you to talk about your concerns or insecurities, or for example make a plan for how to structure your studies and get a working everyday life in a situation where so many things have been turned upside-down.

Individual coaching

Do you feel alone or isolated, do you find it difficult to find motivation and worry about how you will manage to get your courses completed? Or do you think it could do good to talk to someone to get help structuring your thoughts or making a plan for how to make the distance studies work or how to advance with your thesis?

You can book a 30-minute coaching session with the coach Alexandra Ohls. The session will be held online, and you will get a link to the virtual meeting room in the confirmation email.

Group coaching (max 5 students)

In this special situation when your social life has moved almost entirely online or has been cancelled, it can be nice to meet in a group. Together, we discuss various challenges and opportunities related to study motivation, how to create well-functioning routines for studies and free time, loneliness and other things you may want to discuss.

Book your place in a group coaching session (45 minutes) here. The group coaching is led by Alexandra Ohls and there is room for a maximum of 5 students per group. The coaching session will be held online, and you will get a link to the virtual meeting room in the confirmation email.


Alexandra Ohls is a certified coach (ICF Associate Certified Coach) who is also familiar with Hanken, having worked for several years at Hanken in study administration, among other things.

Contact information
Phone: +358 50 4136 802
Email: alexandra.ohls(at)

You don’t have to be alone
The University Chaplain is there for you also during the coronavirus pandemic

When you as a member of the Hanken community
· desire confidential conversation, pastoral counselling or prayer 

· feel the need to reflect upon life’s big questions (e.g. the meaning of life, hope and hopelessness, loneliness, insecurity)

· are isolated and need help (e.g. shopping)

Please contact the University Chaplain. I am there for all members of the university community regardless of their faith and convictions. I am available for both Helsinki and Vaasa students/staff.

The University Chaplain will also have a chat where you can chat anonymously. Available hours are in the calendar on the right when you've clicked on the link. 

I can also connect with you remotely over a video call 

Hanken's University Chaplain: Andreas Lundgren,, 050 380 0662, WhatsApp, IG: @studentprasten
Andreas will not be regularly at Hanken during the coming weeks.

The library is closed during the period of remote studies. For information on the library's services during this time, please see the webpage of the library

Please note that the opening hours for the linked services might not be updated, in that case, please see opening hours on this page you are currently on.

The following information has been emailed to the students:

Information emailed to students 24.3.2020

In this email we will answer some more questions asked by students through and give some new information related to the current exceptional circumstances.

All exams are cancelled until 8 May 2020, i.e. during the period that all teaching is done remotely. Decisions regarding the replacement of the cancelled exam dates and about the exams following P4 will be made when we know how the situation evolves. We can then try to make an assessment of whether it will be possible to arrange exams towards the end of the spring semester. The digital exams (e-exams) are also cancelled until the Hanken premises are re-opened.

Those of you who should apply for exchange studies for spring 2021 can go on with the application process as normal, even if there are some required courses that you have not been able to complete due to the cancelled exams. When we assess your eligibility for exchange studies, we will take the cancelled exam dates into account.

Those of you whose Master’s thesis is to be approved on 6 April 2020 and who have not yet written the maturity test have been contacted regarding the arrangements for writing the test remotely. As of 1 April the maturity tests are written in Moodle at least until 8 May. Those concerned will be contacted by the Departmental secretary with further instructions.


The application for degree certificate for the graduation date 23 April can be done according to the previously announced timetable, no later than on 26 March. The electronic application form is found here. The complete graduation timetable is found here. 


Do you feel alone or isolated, do you find it difficult to find motivation or do you worry about how you will manage to get your courses completed? Do you think it could do good to talk to someone to get help structuring your thoughts or making a plan for how to make the distance studies work or how to advance with your thesis? 

Hanken offers coaching for students as additional support in this exceptional situation resulting from the corona virus epidemic. A coaching session may help you sort out your thoughts, allow you to talk about your concerns or insecurities, or for example make a plan for how to structure your studies and get a working everyday life in a situation where so many things have been turned upside-down. More information and how to book a coaching session can be found on the Hanken website.


During the entire teaching period 4 (P4), i.e. 16 March – 8 May 2020, all teaching, supervision and study counselling for students will be offered remotely and/or as self-studies. You are expected to continually check your Hanken email and follow your courses in Moodle!

The study psychologist writes on the Student Union website about strategies for coping with the concern, stress or anxiety that may arise in a situation such as this.

Download the Break pro app that reminds you to take breaks!

Information emailed to students 19.3.2020

Since Wednesday 11 March 2020 when Hanken introduced an email address for questions related to corona, many things have changed. Here we have collected answers to some of the questions that we have received from students and that are still relevant.

During the entire teaching period 4 (P4), i.e. 16 March – 8 May 2020, all teaching, supervision and study counselling for students will be offered digitally or as self-studies. You are expected to continually check your Hanken email and follow your courses in Moodle!

The Hanken premises are closed for students during the period 17 March – 13 April 2020. This also means that Examinarium for e-exams and the Quantum databases will not be accessible during this time. If you need access to the databases, please contact It is possible to get a username for remote access to some of the databases.

Many have asked about the accessibility of course books and other printed material. The teachers will, as far as possible, refer to electronic resources instead since the library is closed. Remote services are offered, you can access the electronic resources as usual through Hanna (log in!) and the chat in Hanna is open Monday-Friday at 10:00-14:00. Articles that Hanken does not have access to may be ordered, but please note that some articles might not be accessible because of copyright limitations.

Study counselling, the study psychologist, the university chaplain and other services are available also during this period of remote studies. Transcripts of record, certificates of enrolment and degree certificates will not be issued in paper form during the shutdown, but if necessary, you can get an electronic transcript or certificate. Please note that the electronic transcripts and certificates are not official documents, they are copies. We will also offer both individual and group coaching sessions in order to support you with your learning and study routines.


The teachers have been requested to teach and, if possible, offer examination remotely, to take into account the fact that you only have access to electronic resources, that changes such as disrupted exchange studies may lead to delayed registration to courses, and that there might be a need for different forms of support. We encourage you to maintain favourable study routines with regular meal times, exercise and breaks, to keep in touch with each other, and to take into consideration that the teachers have had to plan their courses for remote studies at very short notice and that there might be some hiccups.

Kela announces that the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus may be taken into account in terms of the maximum period of study for the study grant and sufficient success in the studies. Hanken also takes into account the exceptional situation in the follow-up of study success for our scholarships.


Our main source of information is our website. You can also contact if you have any questions. The email is read by staff representing study affairs, HR, security issues, events and the Rector’s office.

We want to encourage you to follow the instructions of the authorities, keep up your courage and take the opportunity to develop your skills for distance learning and communication!


You can apply for your degree certificate even though you cannot return any keys or library books at the moment. The graduation ceremony scheduled for 26 March 2020 is cancelled. At this stage, we expect that we can award degrees according to the announced graduation dates, and information about the awarded degrees will be sent electronically to other relevant authorities, but no degree certificates will be handed out until Hanken has been re-opened. A completed degree appears on the transcript of records.

During this period when all studies and work is conducted remotely, only unofficial transcripts of records may be obtained through WebOodi. You can choose in which language to get the transcript of records.

As of yet, no decisions have been made about the exams after study period 4 (P4), nor about the replacement of the cancelled exam dates. We strive to make it possible for the international students who have returned home to take their exams. As of next week, it will be possible to write the maturity test in Moodle. More detailed instructions are being prepared.

Avoid using the camera unnecessarily when participating in an online lecture through Microsoft Teams (or Adobe Connect); the strain on the meeting and distance learning platforms is enormous at the moment. There are some problems with the distribution of recorded lectures to everyone attending a course, but we hope to get it resolved. The IT services can be reached via, but please note that there might be a queue.

Both students and supervisors have been worried that the thesis writing process might be delayed if some of the databases cannot be accessed, that the planned graduation will be postponed or that, as a worst-case scenario, the limited study time may be exceeded. It is regrettable if plans need to be changed, but at least we can point out that this type of problems due to the exceptional circumstances will naturally be taken into account when processing applications for extending the study time at Hanken.


We have also received questions about the admissions of new students 2020 and the language test on 14 April. The decisions concerning the joint admissions (the bachelor’s and master’s programme) are made on a national level and, at this stage, the aim is to go forward with the admissions processes as planned. Regarding the admissions based on open university studies, the situation depends on when we will be able to arrange for examinations to take place for the courses that the applicants need to complete. The application must be submitted before the deadline even if some of the studies have not yet been completed. We will inform all applicants when we have more information and decisions have been made!

The admissions process to the English language master’s programmes has been completed and the admissions for doctoral studies will go forward as planned. Hanken will contact the newly admitted students to inform them about the current exceptional situation.


We have contacted both incoming and outgoing exchange students. Some of them have chosen to interrupt their exchange studies and will continue online where possible, whereas others will stay at the partner university. Students who, as a result of the pandemic in spring 2020, will not be able to fulfill the requirement of a period abroad as a compulsory part of their bachelor’s degree will be exempt from the requirement. The same applies if an internship abroad is interrupted or cannot even begin.

The admissions process for exchange studies during spring 2021 will continue as planned. We will follow up the situation in the world in view of those who have been granted exchange studies for the autumn semester.


All events at Hanken until 31 May 2020 have been cancelled. Doctoral defences will be held remotely. The language test on 14 April 2020 is considered part of the entrance exams, which based on the current national information are allowed and will be held according to schedule. We will inform separately whether the language test will be held and how it will be arranged.

The study psychologist writes on the Student Union website about strategies for coping with the concern, stress or anxiety that may arise in a situation such as this.

In order to be reminded to take breaks in your studies, you can download the Break pro app.