| 20.11.2023

Refinitiv (LSEG) Workspace licenses

LSEG Workspace
Refinitiv (LSEG) Workspace licenses expiration time has been changed to 5 days, to boost the circulation of the licenses. This change was implemented on 16.11.

The reason for this change is that there are too many users and only 100 licenses. This will not affect licenses aquired before 16.11.

If you have self-registered a license during October and November and have not gotten a license or an answer from LSEG that means that there has not been a free license to assign to you. LSEG Workspace does not have queue so you must register again if you want a license.

Refinitiv Workspace will also officially change its name to LSEG Workspace in 24.11. All databases will remain the same except that SDC Platinum will cease to be available starting from 1.1.2024.