| 04.04.2024

Reddal joins Hanken's partner programme as a new member

Reddal's office with the text Reddal on a white wall
The global professional services company Reddal is the newest member of Hanken's partner programme. “Linguistic and cultural diversity is important to us, so it is natural that we start a collaboration with Hanken School of Economics”, says Reddal's CEO Per Stenius.

Through the partner programme, Reddal hopes, for example, to recruit students from Hanken.

"Hanken has a different profile than most other universities. The university also has good connections to Stockholm and London, among others, so we look forward to the collaboration.”

Porträttbild av Reddals vd Per Stenius
Per Stenius, CEO of Reddal.

Reddal, which offers strategy and business development services to other companies, was founded in 2010 and now has nearly 40 employees. The company has offices in Helsinki, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur, and an operative location in the Middle East, with customers in over 30 countries. 

“Reddal is there for both small and large companies that want to outsource their strategy and business development. We like to have long-term relationships with our customers and have made a decision not to offer services to competing companies”, says Stenius.

The company is owned by the staff. When you get your first promotion, you also get offered a share in the company with the possibility of getting more shares as you progress in your career.

“It is important that the staff are owners in a knowledge-intensive organisation. As an employee, you invest your personality and knowledge in the company.”

Reddal has an extensive induction programme for all its new employees, but Stenius notes that the education at Hanken provides a solid foundation for starting work at the company.

"Even if the working language is English, it is an advantage to know Swedish because we have a lot of work in Sweden and Denmark, for example.”

Stenius says that you should also be good at solving problems and working in groups.

“This is not a job for someone who wants to be in the spotlight, on the contrary, we always work in the background and in teams. You should enjoy helping others.”

18 companies are now part of Hanken's partner programme. Read more about the partner programme here. More information about Reddal can be found here.