| 05.02.2020

Max Heino receives Hanken's largest award

Hanken's largest student award, the Fazer Award, goes to Max Heino, who studies finance at Hanken. The award is worth EUR 15,000 and will be awarded at Hanken's Partner Assembly on 6 February.

Max Heino has contributed to developing a new business concept for circulating used furniture, and thereby highlighting issues of responsibility and respect for the environment. The award committee emphasizes in its motivation that Heino also has a genuine drive and a strong commitment to enterprise. He is innovative and shows a desire to change and improve society. Max Heino is a worthy ambassador for the Fazer Award and for Hanken.

- Fazer works actively with sustainability, as part of our strategy. Our values ​​guide our behaviour and we have an active role in society. Our hope is that the award will raise awareness amongst young people on sustainable social concepts, and that we underline the importance of jointly addressing the challenges we are facing today and, in the future, says President & CEO Christoph Vitzthum, Fazer Group.

The scholarship is awarded every two years to a student who has demonstrated good academic performance and highlights or actively works on issues such as equality, sustainable development, openness and transparency, responsibility and respect for the environment, healthy lifestyles or socially responsible working methods.

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